Create an Online Dating Profile Header that Attracts Attention

If you have been on many online dating sites, you will notice that a great opening line is suggested in starting your profile. While you may think that this is too much like a sales job, you’re right. You are attempting to draw attention to your profile and this is the first greeting that others will see.

Fun, different, or philosophical are terms that should be considered when coming up with your personal one-liner. Boring headers like, “hi, my name is Mary,” or “let’s get to know each other,” do not deliver much of a punch or a reason to read any further.

Look at some examples of your sex and what type of headers they are using. Are they light, embarrassing, tempting or deep? You may notice some are mere copycats of others. It’s time to consider your ‘pick up line’ as your own and run with it.

Here are some tips on how to create the right header that will get you results and give a reason for mates to look further into your profile.

1 – Don’t be too general or use an already overused header. “Wanting to meet new people,” or “Hey there,” are not good examples of bringing attention to your profile. Think a little fun, a little light and what would bring a laugh from your friends. This is who you are so never be afraid to flaunt it.

2 – Others on the site may have already come up with a humorous type of greeting and that’s okay. They are also probably getting the most hits for dates. Search and write down a few. Now use your own wit and personality to come up with your own. These are a few of our favorites so you get the idea:

"We make a perfect couple: I've got the brains and you've got the body!"

"Ok, I'm here. Now what are your other two wishes?"
"Bright spark ready to ignite the right path"
"Just like a new job, I offer excellent benefits."
"Strangers are friends waiting to be made."

3 – Your One Liner can also be a Filter

People that have absolutely nothing in common with you may be trying to get in contact. This is a common complaint from members of dating sites. However, by using your header as a filter, even if the reader does not want to read every word about you, your header says it all.

If you have a certain picture in mind of your Mr. Right, say it right up front. “I love military men,” Men over 40 need not apply,” or “Not into Long-Distance Romance, Local and Fun-Loving only, please” are examples of how you can take the opportunity of a header to weed out those that you are not looking for.

The header may sound a lot like a job interview where the cover letter has to grab the attention of the employer and in many ways, it is. Never forget about the competition, but also use this opportunity to make yourself shine. It’s all up to you to show yourself off and find that right group of mates that you want to search for you.

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