Three Ways to Build a Better Online Dating Profile

3 Tips for Creating a Killer Profile

Attracting attention on an online dating site should not be fierce, but it is. The competition to represent you with a great look and a great life can seem almost unreal, and sometimes, it is. After looking at a few posts, the desire to lie about how you actually appear can be real tempting. However, suggesting that you are someone that you are not will only cause pain in the long run and lead an interested mate to false premises.

Instead of wishing and manipulating how your life really is, be honest. There are ways to improve your profile by following these 3 simple tips.

1 – Never Complain or Criticize

When someone is looking at your profile, negativity will turn them off immediately. You are telling the whole world how you feel and if it is bad, no one will want to be around you, especially someone that you haven’t even met yet.

Here is an example on how not to present you in a personal profile:

“Hi. My name is Mary and I doubt this site will work for me because of all the creepy people out there, but maybe there is one or two that can appeal to me.”

Mary just placed, in her opinion, most of the clients on the site as creeps. Who needs this? She may feel this way, but why join an online dating site and crush your chances before the first date? Instead, her feelings could be worded in this manner:

“I would really like to find that special someone that I can relate to, have fun with and share exciting experiences. I hear this site has the most awesome people with great results.”

Now Mary has drawn attention to what she wants in an upbeat and inviting manner. No one wants to meet a stranger that begins with what is wrong with everything from ex-boyfriends to life in general. Remember though, without having this positive perspective in your life, a first date could be your last. Read your present profile and look for any signs of negative words, like hate, loathe, sick, loser, and reword to reflect a winning personality.

2 – Do not be Normal and Boring

Everyone on a dating site is looking for basically the same thing. You are not going to find someone that works for the FBI or is a spy for the CIA that sets them apart from the next person. However, by taking your favorite foods, movies, interests and career and delving into more detail, your life can sound very intriguing.

Take a favorite cuisine and get personal on why you love it.

“Some of the recipes that have been derived in Italy really make me feel intimate and leave me with a warm contented feeling. The aroma of rich melted cheese along with a great red wine is one of my favorite ways to share great company.”

This sounds much more interesting than saying that you like lasagna. Go even further and mention some favorite movies and why. Don’t be afraid to be honest and explain why a certain scene in a show really captured your attention and feelings.

Sit down and make a list of attention-grabbing adjectives that really capture a specific place, time or meal and turn it into a reader’s delight. You will have as much fun creating it as your admirers will have reading it.

3 – Make it Known what you don’t want, nicely.

By keeping a profile generalized, you run the risk of attracting all sorts of singles. Take this time to mention what you are looking for so you are not misleading mates that you will never be interested in.

Instead of “I want to meet someone who has a sense of humor and is a hard worker,” try, “I am interested is dating a male between the ages of 23 and 30, sees humor in life and loves to smile. If you clean-shaven and feel that you can carry on a conversation about the wonders of the world for an entire night, we may get on very well. Send me a text.

In just a few words, you have explained the age group you are seeking, what type of appearance you find acceptable and that you do not want to provide a one-sided conversation. You were also very nice about your terms and created a call to action so the ball is now in the court of interested parties.

Other ways to keep your profile active and interesting is to change your picture and header message often. This will bring attention to more than a few lookers and give you a higher chance of becoming noticed. Look at some of the profiles on the dating site and see which ones push your buttons and which ones are pretty boring. If you are taken with certain phrases and specific wording, just think what a unique profile could do for you.

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