Love Yourself

Sometimes being single makes you depressed. It’s hard to watch your married friends live happily ever after. It’s hard to get into the right frame of mind when it comes to dating.

Allow yourself to take a break from the dating world. Everyone has bad days, and you need time to think about your single status. Instead of making yourself depressed, think about the following things, which will make you feel better about being single:

Pamper Yourself

So, you have to spend Saturday alone. Sleep in and get some needed rest. Sit around in your pajamas and make an appointment for a luxurious massage, pedicure or manicure. Hit the mall and shop. Maybe you have your eye on a beautiful pair of shoes that you’ve been too timid to buy.

You have the whole day to pamper yourself. Do something that you love to do, but you haven’t done in a while. Even if you want to sit at home and eat cake and ice cream while watching happy romantic movies, do it. Use Saturday as your “me time” day. You can also do the same thing on Sunday. Make plans to pamper yourself the whole weekend.

Go Out with Friends

Plan a date night with your friends. This could be a game or movie night. Some communities have planned movie or game nights. Take advantage of them. It is a wonderful way to expand your social circle and have fun at the same time.

In addition, you and your friends could make reservations at a fancy restaurant. You don’t have to worry about impressing anyone such as a new date. Spend the night tasting gourmet food, drinking wine and having a great time. The night is spent enjoying one another’s company instead of trying to impress a total stranger that you may never see again. Just relax and enjoy the ambiance.

You and your friends could also just stay at home and cook a meal. Eat, drink and be merry with those who can make you laugh and feel good about yourself. This is much better than spending the night in the company of a new date that you may not like. Your friends are there during both good and bad times. Besides, you’ll look back years from now and cherish these friendly outings.

Get Organized

Clean out your home and get organized. You probably have drawers and closets filled with things that you can donate to a local charity. This includes shredding that old box of bills that you’ve put off for too long. Go through bookshelves and donate books to your local library. Decluttering makes it easier to free up space for new things. Also, it gets rid of old junk that should have been removed years ago. Besides, your home will be much cleaner when you bring home new dates.

Reconnect with Family

You may be single, but there are plenty of people who love you very much. Think about close family such as your parents, grandparents and siblings. They would love to spend time with you. For instance, take your mother and sister along to the spa for a day of pampering. Spend the day at the mall and dine at the food court after a morning of shopping.


Yes, you are probably lonely, but the world doesn’t revolve around you. Volunteer at a local organization that needs your help. Not only will this give you a sense of pride and accomplishment, but you’ll spend time doing something nice for others. You may have a special skillset that can be used to help others in the community.

Get other single friends into the act. Participate in a local charity run or help the library put new books on the shelves. Not only will helping others give you a new perspective, but it will also make you feel good about yourself. Who knows? You may meet your future spouse at one of these volunteer events.

Give Blood

In addition to volunteering, you can also give blood. What better way to help a fellow human being? Blood centers always need new blood donations. If there aren’t blood drives in your local community, call a blood center to make an appointment to give blood. You must be over 18 and weigh a minimum of 50 kilos’. In addition, you can’t have medical conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes. This is something that you can do every eight weeks.

Think Positively

So, you’re single. It’s not the end of your life. Think about the positives. You don’t have to worry about impressing a total stranger, and you get to spend the entire weekend pampering yourself and reconnecting with friends and family. These are all positive things to look forward to. Enjoy being single. The right date will come along eventually.

On Being Single

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