Are Dating Complications Inevitable?

This question is asked quite often, but the answer isn’t as straightforward as you may think. Most people would answer “no” to the question. But then again, if they are on a date, the answer might change.

Personally, I think all dating rules should be eliminated because they’re all stupid. Others would disagree because they follow these useless rules. For instance, it is believed that you shouldn’t call the other person until 3 days after the first date. So, I should act like I really don’t care? Who made up these silly rules? This is baloney. We should use this time getting to know one another.

All in all, dating is all about meeting new people and determining if there is chemistry. But some people make the process too complicated because they overthink the situation.

Things become complicated because of their self-defeating actions. Sure, everyone else tells you to relax and calm down, but that is easier said than done. So, what are some ways to reduce dating complications and enjoy dating? The following tips can help:

Get Rid of Pre-Date Anxiety

It’s Monday and the date isn’t until Saturday, but you are already pacing the floor due to stress. You have all types of questions rattling around in your brain. What do you wear? How do you wear your hair? What should you order at the restaurant? Unfortunately, you’ll be totally stressed out before date night arrives.

Don’t do this to yourself. Just act naturally. Tell yourself that you may or not like this man, but it’s a chance to meet someone new and have fun. Why put pressure on yourself for no reason? Just go with the flow and relax.

Practice in Moderation

A lot of times people practice for their dates in advance. They know what they are going to talk about and what jokes they’ll tell. This may seem like a good plan, but if you memorize the script and get thrown off by just one word, the whole night is totaled screwed. In addition, it creates embarrassment. Don’t overthink things and complicate the date.

Sure, you might want to have a list of questions to ask, but only use them as conversation starters. You’ll discover that conversation flows better when you just listen and contribute to the conversation. That is the best way to have fun and enjoy the dating experience.

Do You and Accept Him Too

Do what you believe in, but be accepting of what he believes in too. Things have changed over the years. When it comes to dates, many people believe in equal opportunity. There’s nothing wrong with a woman paying for the date, especially if she asked the man out. Or agree to split the bill. When I take out my purse to pay, I really intend on paying for the bill.

On the flip side, many guys don’t like the gesture, and many girls refuse to pay due to tradition. This gesture emasculates some men because they are true gentlemen, and that’s okay with me. Sometimes I feel bad when a man pays because I want to contribute my fair share. This is where compromise plays an important part. If he pays for the meal, I can leave the tip. Or if he pays for dinner, I can pay for the movie tickets.

Compromising helps you learn more about each other. After all, you don’t want to spend the date arguing. If you don’t learn to accept another person’s beliefs, there probably won’t be a second date. So, if you have certain beliefs when it comes to these types of things, you may as well get them out in the open on the first date.

All in all, dating shouldn’t be so complicated. The time should be spent learning about each other and having fun. Many times, people are so nervous about first dates that they can’t focus on the other person and have fun. Learn to be yourself. He will truly respect that. Relax and enjoy the date.

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