First Date Do’s and Don’ts

First dates are very frustrating, and it’s very hard to get a second date if you are shy, silent or unprepared. The following are a few things that you can do to ensure that you make a good impression and get a second date.

What to Do

1.Arrive on Time- Do not be late for your date. Your date will think that you aren’t taking the date seriously or that you don’t care about the outcome. Most importantly, your date may not stick around if you are not on time.

2. Ensure that your date is comfortable. Everyone is very nervous on a first date. So, if you are able to make your date comfortable, this will help the date run smoothly.

3. Be an interesting date. Don’t be the person who comes unprepared. Make sure that you have a list of interesting things to talk about. Ask questions that lead to long conversations. Show that you are a good listener and ask questions about your date. Also, pay attention to your general hygiene and dress appropriately for the date. In addition, don’t disclose too much personal information. Get to know one another, but leave a little mystery.

4. Laugh at their jokes. This is all a part of making your date feel comfortable. Even if the jokes are dry, laugh and have a good time. This shows that you are interested and enjoying the date.

5. Keep the conversation going. Silence on a date can mean a lot of bad things. For instance, it puts tension in the air and makes you seem like a boring person. Prepare for the date by jotting down a few things to say or questions to ask. Don’t read from the list, but use it as a conversation starter. Consider practicing before the date, if you are a shy person.

6. Pay attention to your date. Learn how to be a good listener, and it will go a long way on your date. Show interest by listening and asking questions once your date makes a point. For example, if your date is an avid traveler, ask about their favorite destination.

7. Take your date to a special place. There’s more to a first date than going to a movie and dinner. Think outside of the box. Your date will remember you more if you do something unexpected that they’ve never experienced before.

8. Exude confidence. People like confident people, and it says a lot about the type of person that you are. If you are a confident person, this will make it easier to get to that second date.

9. Don’t pretend to be someone else. Be yourself and have fun. Besides, your date will eventually be able to see right through you. Why take the chance?

10. Be safe. Don’t jeopardize your safety. Review dating tips on how to remain safe on a date.

What Not to Do on a First Date

1.Arrive late. If you want to make a good first impression, do not get there late. This makes you look unorganized, insensitive and lazy. Your date will think that you aren’t concerned about the date.

2. Only talk about yourself. No one wants to spend a night with a braggart who is only interested in himself or herself. Share your thoughts but show interest in your date too. Ask questions and get to know them better.

3. Talk about your ex. This may be why the last relationship didn’t work out. Your date doesn’t want to hear about another person that you’ve dated. You are supposed to pay attention to the person that you’re with and not whine about anyone else.

4. Eat with your mouth open. This shows that you have horrible eating skills, bad manners and a lack of self-respect. It is definitely not the way to leave a good impression.

5. Ask too many personal questions. This is only the first date. Most people don’t want to disclose a lot of personal information on the first date. If you want to learn more about this person, enjoy yourself and wait for the second date.

6. Pretend to be someone else. Just be yourself and have fun. You want to show your true self and hope that this person loves you for you. You can’t continue this play acting forever.

7. Forget to thank your date. Show that you have good manners and thank your date for a great evening. If you don’t think that a second date is warranted, then this is the time to express your feelings. If you are having a good time, ask for a second date.

8. Talk about marriage or kids. This will not result in a second date.

9. Ask for sex; especially if your date seems uninterested.

10. Get drunk. This will not make a good impression at all. You don’t want to spend the date in the bathroom puking your brains out. Also, you can put yourself in an awkward or unsafe situation.

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