First Date Conversation Starters and Ideas

Awkward silence is one of most people’s biggest fears about first dates. Use these conversation starters to make sure that the conversation keeps flowing and that you and your date can get to know one another better.

1. How did your day go today?

2. Wow, you look great, where did you get (name an item of clothing or accessory your date is wearing)?

3. Did you have a good day at work?

4. What movies have you seen lately? What did you think of them?

5. What types of music do you enjoy?

6. Are there any sports you enjoy playing (or watching)? How long have you been playing?

7. Did you do anything interesting last weekend?

8. Have you tried (name a local restaurant or coffee shop)

9. What are your favorite cuisines?

10. Where are you from originally?

11. What college did you go to?

12. What have you been reading lately? Anything you’d recommend?

13. What do you like to do in your free time?

14. Are you into (name one of your interests)?

15. What's the most interesting place you’ve visited?

16. What place have you always wanted to visit, but haven’t been to yet?

These quick and easy questions can get a conversation going and help you to learn a lot more about your date. Take note of what your date says so that you can come up with follow-up questions and get to know them even better.

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