Unique and Creative Dating Ideas

Going on a date is fun, but there are other ways to have a good time than seeing a movie or eating out. If you are looking for a few unique and creative ways to spend a date, the following suggestions may interest you.

1. DIY Drive-in Movie Night

Put your television in the garage, and watch television from your car. Make sure that both of you can hear the speakers from the car windows by testing the speakers before the movie begins. If you really want to make this date memorable, rent an old-fashioned popcorn machine for the occasion. You could rent a soft drink machine as well.

Tell your date that you’re going to a drive-in movie. Pick her up and drive into your garage and watch the magic happen. Park the car and close the garage door to ensure privacy. Turn the movie on with the television remote. Ask your date if she wants some buttered popcorn and a soda pop. She’ll love the time and effort that you put into planning this unique and creative date. Sit back, relax and enjoy your romantic drive-in movie.

2. Picture Perfect

This is a simple and creative idea for a date. Basically, you plan a regular activity date such as hiking, traveling or going to the beach, but each of you must bring along a digital camera. The goal is to locate interesting things and take pictures of those things. Quite naturally, you want to ensure that your date is in a couple of these pictures. Also, ask others to take pictures of the two of you together.

3. Beetle Caravan

This is a dating concept that was used by the Southern California New Beetle Club. I’ve actually used this idea numerous times when I was a member. Club members form a caravan and drive around in their new Beetles. We met in the morning and drove around visiting historic attractions in the area. Imagine 50 or more New Beetle cars trailing one another. People along the way would honk and wave at us because we were in a caravan. This was a great adventure because we were in a large group having plenty of fun.

4. Beachy Glow Sticks

This is a cool idea for beach goers. Purchase two glow sticks and one Frisbee that lights up when thrown. This is ideal for a nighttime date. When you arrive at the beach, give your date a glow stick and ask them to activate it. The goal is for the two of you to throw the glow sticks at each other and try to catch them. You spend time lighting up the sky and having fun. Try throwing the glow sticks into the ocean. Don’t worry about losing them because the ocean waves will always bring them back to shore. You’ll love the colorful glow that these glow sticks make when they’re submerged in water.

Do the same thing with the Frisbee. You might want to buy different colors for the glow sticks and Frisbees. This is a good way to ensure that there are different colorful lights while you’re playing. When it’s time to go home, make sure that you dispose of the glow sticks.

5. Favorite Things

Couples grow closer when they pay close attention to another. This is one of the best ways to find out plenty of information about your date, but make sure that you remember the things that are said, especially the things that your partner likes. For instance, if your date says that she loves a specific type of movie, food or even color take good notes. You need to remember these things later. The goal is to learn your date’s favorite things.

Once you know a few of your date’s favorite things, plan a date that highlights some of these things. This will make them feel special because you not only remembered what makes them happy, but you took the time to plan the perfect date. Try wearing their favorite color on your next date. Take them to a restaurant that serves their favorite food. This is a great way to grow closer and show that you really care.

All in all, the goal is to put extra effort into planning your dates. Your love interest will appreciate your attempt to create the perfect date. Your creative and unique touches will make you stand out from the crowd, which is a good thing.

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