How to Get a Second Date

What a great first date! Now that it’s over, think back about everything that you did to prepare. The perfect attire, an award-winning smile, and so on, was at the top of your priority list. Was it good enough to expect a second date and how secure do you really feel about making that call? Your date may have expressed a positive reaction to the first date, but the real test comes when that second date is attempted. A man knows that he cannot keep a woman hanging if things are expected to progress. And it is only appropriate for a woman to share her true feelings about the first date. Here are some tips if you are hoping to land that second date.

For Men:

1. Everyone knows that men do not like to listen. To prove this wrong on your first date will gain many points. Show genuine interest in her life and ask many questions according to the answers that she responds with. This way you do not sound as if you are just talking, but are actually listening to what your date has to say.

2. Politics and religion are never a good idea as subjects to bring up on a first date. This can lead to a combative and negative discussion. Keep the subject matter positive and focused. Take your lead from what she is talking about.

3. It is nice to compliment your date. It can also appear that you are very shallow if you keep it up. No more than 3 compliments should be used in an evening. Try to work this minimum in at the right times and do not appear gushy. The total outcome of your repetitiveness can make your date see you in a negative light.

4.Look for signs of future dates. For instance, if your date mentions that she loves to go bowling with her sorority friends, you might mention that you have never been bowling and it sounds like fun. If she responds with a positive answer like, “It’s easy. I can show you,” you are probably good for a second date.

5. If you are really thinking about calling for a second date, do not put it off. This does not look macho or cool and women hate it. If you do not feel any type of connection and have no intention of calling her again, tell her. It is better to be upfront than to say “I’ll call you,” when you have no intention of doing so. She will respect you much more for being honest.

For Women:

1. Try and relax on that first date. Do not look around the room, fiddle with your napkin of appear nervous. Smile, be engaging and be yourself.

2. Leave the list of questions at home. This is not a job interview. You may want to know if he has a good job or past personal baggage, but let that come with time. You are trying to get a feel for this new person’s personality, his traits, interests, etc. By wanting everything answered on the first date will assure you that there will not be a second date.

3.At the end of the evening, give your date some type of a signal as to whether you are interested. Make it subtle, like “I had a really great time.” If you didn’t enjoy the evening, don’t lead him on. Just thank him for the evening and leave it at that.

For Men and Women:

1. Don’t take phone calls or look at texts while with your date. It will make them twice as nervous and you will appear bored with their presence. Shut off the phone!

2. Never show up with a friend for moral support. Your date wants to get to know you, not your friends.

3. Read up on body language signs. This will alert you as to what your partner is feeling.

Remember these tips on your first date and maybe, just maybe, that second date will be forthcoming.

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