20 Tips For Increased Health and Happiness

We tend to make things more complicated than they need to be when we’re trying to improve ourselves. This is why a lot of us can’t seem to lose those 10 pounds we’ve been trying to, why we can’t save as much money as we’d like – and ultimately, why it’s so hard to stay motivated when pursuing our goals.

This is the issue: your plans have to be practical if you want them to work! If you’re not an early riser, it’s not a good idea to swear to yourself that you’re going to get up two hours earlier and hit the gym before work.

20 Tips For Better Health and a Happier Life:

1. Find what you’re passionate about – and share it with the world.

We all have a passion that motivates us. What are you excited about? What’s your unique talent? Find your gift and share it with everyone.

2. Take it one step at a time.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Remember that it takes time to make your goals a reality.

3. Trying to eat healthier but don’t like salads?

Try putting more vegetables on your sandwiches – every little bit helps.

4. Skip the elevator and take the stairs.

It doesn’t seem like much, but over time, even a little extra physical activity makes a difference.

5. Live within your means.

Don’t overextend yourself financially, it will catch up with you sooner or later.

6. End toxic relationships.

Make your life easier and healthier by stepping away from toxic relationships, friendships, etc.

7. Get organized.

It will save you massive amounts of time, energy and even money.

8. Reduce stress!

Stress is tough for you physically, mentally and emotionally.

9. Take a little time out.

Take a long weekend or just give yourself permission to have a lazy afternoon.

10. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

11. Meet new people.

When you’re single, you may find yourself trying to wear too many different hats without having the kind of social support you need. Expand your social network and have a little fun by getting out there, meeting new people and making some new friends.

12. Make your home your sanctuary.

Your home should be your favorite place to relax. Surround yourself with beauty and the things that you love and you’ll transform your space into a calming, relaxing sanctuary where you can spend time without the worries of the outside world.

13. Engage with the arts.

Visit a museum, read a great novel or watch a play.

14. Embrace nature.

Being outside does wonders for your stress level and your overall mental well-being. When I get stressed out, I take a walk in the park, a stroll around the neighborhood or just sit in my own back yard at night and look at the stars. It makes a real difference in my mood.

15. Listen to music!

16. Try to laugh every day!

Laughing releases endorphins and reduces stress.

17. Hug and be hugged.

18. Treat yourself.

It’s about time you had a massage or a pedicure. Even if you’re pressed for time, you can make it happen – you can even get an in-home massage from some masseuses, so you may not even have to leave the house!

19. Surround yourself with positive people.

Your friends are among the most important people in your life. While your friends probably come from a wide variety of backgrounds, there should be one thing which unifies them: positivity. Life is simply too short to allow yourself to be surrounded by negative, unsupportive people.

20. Live in the present.

You can learn from past mistakes, but then move on. You gain nothing by dwelling on the past.

Follow these 20 tips and this could be the best year yet!

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