Positivity is good for your well-being

As any book on the subject of self-help will tell you, having a positive attitude in life is fundamental to your happiness and well-being.

Over the years, many studies have been carried out into the power of positive thinking. The conclusions are the same. They indicate a number of benefits to health without any medicinal intervention. Positive thought lessens stress, gives us a longer life span, and heightens our general well-being, giving us a greater capacity for coping with any problems.

It make you wonder however, that if this indeed the truth, why it is that we don’t all live long and stress-free lives? The fact of the matter is that no one likes to admit to any negative factors about their lifestyles. Admitting this however, is fundamental to bringing about any improvements.

In a recent piece regarding online dating tips, Online Dating Magazine listed the #1 tip was to cut out any negativity. When people list things, like they feel isolated or that their last boyfriend was an idiot, in their dating profiles, it sends out negative vibrations. Instead of attracting people by your positive approach to life, it has exactly the opposite effect.

Of course this doesn’t only refer to your dating profile. It’s something that needs to be applied to your lifestyle in general. It’s all part of creating overall positivity to your personality. With this goal in view, I am going to suggest seven ways that you can transform any negativity into positivity.

Tip #1 – Admitting to negativity

As I said earlier, the very first thing you have to do before trying to convert any negativity, is to admit that it is there. Whatever those negative thoughts may be, they have to be banished. As long as you allow them to exist and dwell on them, they will detract from your goal of living a wholly, healthy lifestyle, both in thought and in deed.

Tip #2 – Strive hard for positivity

After you have owned-up to having negative thoughts, you can then set about changing your thought patterns. You will need to be constantly aware of everything you think about, and if any negativity creeps in, instead of thinking something is difficult or you can’t do something in particular, embrace new challenges as learning experiences, and say to yourself that its something you want to do and indeed can do.

There is an old saying, "never put off till tomorrow, something you can do today" and when it comes to positivity, it’s never been more true. Change your vocabulary, so instead of “can’t” or “won’t”, use “can” and “will.” Think positively about others around you. Acknowledge when people do something good or nice and always look for the positive. It’s always there if you look hard enough. It’s that cup half full, not half empty, technique.

Tip #3 – Keep away from any negative influencers

Being in a negative environment can wear you down and if you’re not careful it can lead you into negative thinking. If for example you have people around you who are always complaining about their jobs or life in general, steer clear of them.

Instead find people who enjoy life and their work. People who talk negatively about others behind their backs should be avoided. You mustn’t let yourself be drawn into agreeing with them. You’ll soon see how thinking only positive thoughts can really improve your character.

Tip #4 – Ditch caffeine and sugar drinks for Adam’s Ale

Water is the purest drink of them all. That’s the reason it is nicknamed “Adam’s Ale.” So many other processed beverages are full of nasties like caffeine and sugar. Drinking water can serisouly improve your overall health and mentality.

If you substitute water for other liquids, it also means that you will be drinking more of it. That can only be good. It will help you to stop adding toxins to your bloodstream, and it will power your immune system. Your skin will become more healthy and your mental ability will tone up.

Drinking more fresh water is one of the simplest and most effective things you can do to adopt a more healthy lifestyle. In doing so, you will also be improving your mental positivity.

Tip #5 – Don’t watch too much news

News bulletins are all too often about murder, rape and terrorism. It’s all so negative and if you get drawn into tuning into all bulletins, it will wear you down. Did you know there are some stations and websites that specialise in happier news? Do a quick search on the web and you’ll be surprised at how many there are. Tune in and see what I mean.

Tip #6 – Meditation is cool

Practicing medication is a great way of clearing your mind. By doing this you will allow yourself to lower your levels of stress, and promote being able to focus on the positive aspects of life. All it takes is just 15 minutes of meditation time per day. The technique is simple but you’ll be surprised at just how effective it is. It’s the best stress leveler around.

Tip #7 – Share your positivity

Once you get into the practice of enjoying a positive lifestyle, don’t just keep it to yourself. By sharing it around you will make other people’s lives that little bit better. Its good for you and for them.

For example, surprise your partner by jotting down the things that you love about them and hand them the list. If someone does you a good turn or you get great customer service, let the other person know with a note or email.

Spreading your positivity around is a brilliant way of improving your environment and those around you will appreciate it.

Once you get into the habit of always thinking positively, you’ll soon see how it impacts on your life. Doing something simple like letting a car pull in front of you in traffic instead of getting up-tight, will really make you feel good about yourself. The other person may well acknowledge your gesture with a friendly wave and that can make you feel even better about both you and them.

When you’re at the checkout and someone behind you only has one little item, let them go first. All small things, but things that make you and someone else feel happy.

The more positive you are and the more you share this positivity with other people, the better you will feel. It’s a self perpetuating feel-good kick, and will give you great satisfaction and joy.

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