5 Types of Men you should avoid Dating

Mummies’ boys

Mummies’ boys either still live with their mothers or live in the immediate vicinity so they can run home whenever they feel the need to. He will defer to mummy for many decisions and, if he lives away, will have photos of mama scattered all over his house. Sunday dinner with mother is a must. She will probably use the occasion to give him lots of mummy-cooked meals to take-away for his freezer.

If you do manage to prize him away from mummy’s apron strings, you’ll never live up to her standard in his eyes. Warning – don’t get into arguments involving mother – he will side with her.

If you want to be rid of him, just say you simply don’t like his mother.

Mr. Muscles

Body builders often only have room for one love in their lives - themselves and their bodies. Mr. Muscles will typically have photographs of his body beautiful all over his pad. He probably won’t be able to spare you too much time on account of spending most of his waking moments in the gym, working out.

The only reason he probably wants to date you is to show you off as an accessory to his great physique.

There is one easy way to ditch Mr. Muscles – tell him it’s you or the gym.


A little harmless flirting when you’re single is just that – harmless. But not when you’re in a steady relationship. This type of guy (super-flirt) will always look nice - he has to so he is always ready to flirt. He may have so many women on-the-go that he mixes up your name with theirs.

Super-flirt will start running out of excuses for not turning up to meet you when arranged.
His best friend is likely to be his mobile phone, and his phone directory will be a who’s-who of local women.

This guy loves himself too much. Tell him you used to be a man and watch him run.

All business and no pleasure

There is nothing more boring than man who is in love with his work – when that work is not you of course. To all outward appearances this type of man will look great – he has to be well suited and booted to look the part for work. With this guy, work will always come first and you will end up playing second fiddle.

He may take you to some elegant venues, but will probably entrust you to strangers to allow him to circulate and talk shop.

One sure fire way of getting rid of him is to tell him you are travelling the world for a year and that you would like him to join you.

The university professor

The archetypal university professor man-friend is likely to be older than you. He will be worldly-wise and will offer to make sure you get good grades.

Bedding someone to get better grades however, is pretty demeaning. If the word gets out, his career will be over.

If he was to think that someone was blackmailing you with the threat of reporting your relationship, he would be soon gone. Hmmm – not a bad idea!

Not all of these types of man have to be stereotypes of course. Some may not conform. Mr. Muscles may have enough room in his heart for two loves – you and him. Moving on - if you are a workaholic, you might get on with a man who was too. You could spoon together over financial reports. As for mummy’s boy, you might make him love you as much as mummy, if you’re happy to share!

The bottom line is that you are unlikely to change him – and should you try anyway? Best to look elsewhere.

Getting out of relationships is never easy, but lying to do so, can only create complications. It's best to stick with the truth and simply tell him as it is. You will be doing you both a favor.

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