How to Make a Good First Impression on a Date

1.Allow Him to be A Gentleman

You may be an independent woman, but most men don’t want mixed signals on a first date. Allow him to open your car door, select the restaurant, order the menu and foot the bill. This will relax him because it follows traditional dating protocol. When you allow him to be a gentleman, this will give a boost of confidence. Keep in mind, he wants to make a good impression on you.

Surprisingly, a lot of men feel more attraction when they know that you’re having a good time. This is especially if they’re contributing to your enjoyment. Men love it when they can make a woman happy. The author of “Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus” talks about this very concept. He says that women can make men very happy by showing appreciation. This doesn’t mean that you must say thank you for everything that he does, says or buys. Just let him know that you’re having a good time.

This is especially important on the first date. Let him take the lead. If he can’t find the restaurant, don’t try to tell him where to turn. Just sit quietly and allow him to figure it out. A confident man will get there eventually. If there’s a problem at the restaurant, allow him to take control. This lets him know that you are confident in his abilities and boost his ego.

2. Relax and be Spontaneous

Your date shouldn’t be a nerve-wracking event. Technically, you should allow him to take the lead. Your job is to just sit back, relax and enjoy the date. Men like women who aren’t drama queens. They want someone by them who is relaxed and comfortable to be around. Chance are he thinks that first dates are just as stressful as you do. If you strike him as a relaxed woman who enjoys life, he will appreciate all of the work that went into planning the date. He won’t feel that it was a waste of his time.

So, don’t complain or whine on the date. Don’t try to get into detailed conversations either. Just have fun together. Even if you know that you don’t want a second date, the goal is to be as cordial as possible on this particular date. Keep in mind that you could be sitting at home, alone.

If you are relaxed and spontaneous, he will appreciate being around you. For instance, if the waiter spills a drink on your new dress, of if your heel gets stuck in a manhole, don’t panic. Your response will tell him what to expect when he’s in a long-term relationship with you. If you can still be humorous when terrible things happen, then this will make a huge impression. He will want to spend more time with you in the future.

3. Show Independence

The first date determines if there’ll be a second date. The more interesting things you have to share with him, the more he want to know about you. Your hobbies, experiences and preferences let him know whether or not he wants to continue dating you. Talk, but don’t tell him your whole life story on the first date. Tell him about your snowboarding travels or your love for sushi. Introduce these topics and tell him that you’ll divulge details later. This shows him that you are a woman of mystery who would love to go out with him again.

Men like independent women who are full of life. They would rather be with this type of woman than one who is just sitting around waiting for Mr. Right. Yes, dating is a way to find your perfect soulmate. Reassess your priorities in order to find him.

Keep in mind that you are an independent woman who doesn’t need a knight in shining armor to come and rescue her. Dating is a way to have fun with new and exciting people. A first date may turn into other interesting dates could lead to marriage. But don’t expect every date to meet your expectations. Remember, that men are just humans.

4. Impress Him

Several hundred men were surveyed and asked what they look for in a woman. The following were some of the top answers.

They want a humorous, imaginative, confident, successful, fit, independent, powerful, creative and kind woman. She also has to be great with both verbal and body language.

They hate women who are immature, self-centered, judgmental, negative, uneducated, indecisive, close minded, whiny, manipulative, materialistic, shallow and unopinionated.

All in all, you never know what interests a man until you get to know him. This is why first dates are very important. If he thinks you’re a positive person, he’ll probably ask you out again. Remember, that he wants to have fun and feel comfortable around you. Make it happen and you’ll get that second date.

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