A Guide To Dating Men

Every woman has made stupid mistakes while dating. Chances are you’ve done strange things on dates that tanked relationships. How can women stop falling into these little dating pitfalls? Why do we keep behaving badly on dates? If you find yourself doing the same stupid things over and over again on new dates, the following tips for dating men could save your next relationship.

First, learn how to take responsibility for your own life. Men hate needy women who constantly cling to them. They want to date women and not little girls. Show him that you are not afraid to face the world on your own. Learn how to be an independent woman. Change the oil in your car. Balance your own checkbook. Learn how to do these little things by yourself. You can be in control of your life and still have him by your side.

Don’t overdo it and become too independent. Do not forget this because it is very important. There is a thin line between being too independent and too clingy. Become independent but don’t give him the impression that he isn’t needed. If the mayo jar is too hard to open, let him help you. Yes, you might be able to open it with some type of specialized tool, but why go through the trouble if he is there to help you? If he wants to buy you nice things, let him. This doesn’t mean that you’re giving up your independence or taking advantage of him.

Some women are so feministic, which makes this dating guide almost seem unrealistic. But you have to know the difference between wanting a man and needing a man. Men and women both have weaknesses and strengths.

But you also have to understand what propels relationships. Men want to be the breadwinners. They want to provide for their families. If you understand and accept this, you’ll have a happier relationship overall. Just learn how to find a happy balance.

Now, there is something else that you should take seriously. When trying to find a balance, some women tend to create imbalance. They are too co-dependent or extremely needy. This makes most men panic, and women do too much to be the perfect women. Just take your time and figure out the relationship.

Allow the man to pace the relationship, but don’t push him into doing this too quickly. Too many “We need to talk,” or “Where is our relationship going,” will only frustrate him and take the relationship in a direction that you don’t want to go. When he is ready to take the next step, he’ll let you know.

If he isn’t ready, this guide to dating men will help you push him in the right direction. Unfortunately, if you get too pushy, he’ll just get scared and run away. If you feel that he’s taking too long to make a positive decision about the relationship, then it’s time to make a big decision. Are you going to wait around or leave him? Only you can make this decision, but your intuition is usually right. Listen to it.

Women also tend to be too enthusiastic. There are plenty of ups and downs in new relationships. But don’t go on a date and call or text him ten times the next day. Don’t smother him by sending flowers or gifts. You don’t want to turn into a creepy stalker. Yes, you are probably very happy, but don’t turn into Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction.

Basically, when dating men, you have to know how to respect yourself and the men you’re dating. Don’t discount your self-respect just to make him feel or look good. You will hate yourself later. Have confidence in yourself and know that your soulmate will appreciate everything about you. Don’t revolve your whole life around him. Relax and allow the relationship to grow gradually and naturally. Don’t do crazy stuff to push it along. If you realize that he doesn’t feel the same way that you do, move on to your next relationship.

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