Staring at the ring finger

Through the years, I’ve seen how a lot of women do this specific thing when meeting new men. The first thing they see isn’t his hair, height, eyes or even his smile. They first glance at his wedding ring finger. They want to know if he’s already taken.

I have to admit that I’m just like most women. I do the same thing. This is a very important piece of information. After all, I want to know if I am wasting my time or not. The strange thing is that I do this with a majority of men, and sometimes I’m not interested in dating them.

One time I was on an airplane and an older man sat next to me. He talked about his travel plans and things such as his job and children. I couldn’t help but look at his ring finger to see if he was a married man. I wasn’t interested in dating this gentleman, but I just had to confirm if he was married or single.

Surprisingly, he wasn’t wearing a wedding ring. But he talked about his wife. It made me wonder if he routinely took off his wedding ring during business trips.

I think women stare at men’s wedding fingers with the same voracity that men look at women’s breasts. For some men, this is just a routine when they meet women. For some women, they must know a man’s marital status when they first meet. If he’s wearing a wedding ring, he isn’t available to date.

But on the other hand, he might have dateable single friends. Ponder on that for a second. I might meet married men in the future, but I should always keep an open mind and meet their unmarried friends.

The ring finger isn’t the only thing that women notice when meeting men for the first time. They still look at obvious things such as his smile and height. I’m attracted to tall men. It may seem silly, but I believe that a man should be taller than the women he dates. But then again, there are plenty of couples where the woman is taller than the man.

Should this be important? It really shouldn’t be, but some women won’t date shorter men. In addition, some men won’t date taller women. It messes with their self-confidence. Fortunately, I don’t let a man’s height stop me from dating him. This should not determine if he is good dating material. The bad thing is that plenty of people still judge for the wrong reasons.

One of my friends refused to date a man because she hated his voice. This shocked me. She said that he sounded bad on the phone, but she thought he would sound better in person. She was wrong, but was this a good reason to drop him like a hot potato? Now it seems that people not only judge you by your looks and personality, but also by how you sound. But then again, some animals do have mating calls.

All in all, you’ll always notice something about the people that you meet. It could be weight, height or the ring finger. Everyone has preferences when it comes to dating partners. Yes, looking at the ring finger is important, but you should judge based upon many other things as well. Quite frankly, many of these things won’t be important anymore, especially if you grow fond of the person. Basically, give new people a chance to impress you. You never know what might happen.

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