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The plain, simple truth is that many people dress peculiarly. Perhaps it’s because they simply haven’t got any taste. Of course, maybe they do have taste but they just can’t be bothered.

The fact of the matter is that if you want to make the right impression, you need to know how to dress correctly. When you dress well, it lets other people know that you are concerned about how they perceive you. You might not have the largest wardrobe kitted out with the latest fashion, but with the following guidelines we are about to give you, you can put up a good show.

Professional aesthetician and cosmetics guru Christy Taylor, who hails from Nashville, Tennessee, knows all about fashion and how to dress well. The majority of women are fashionistas to some degree, but Christy offers some great tips that even fashionistas can benefit from.

Top dress sense tip No 1 – Know your size

Never buy clothes unless you know your own measurements. Don’t wing it – if necessary, measure yourself. It the only way of buying clothes that fit properly.

Top dress sense tip No 2 – Using store staff’s expertise

Shop in stores that have good staff. If the staff know what they are talking about, make use of that. They can show you what is trending and help you to make the right choices.

Top dress sense tip No 3 – Look good in jeans

Jeans are one of the most fashionable pieces of clothing. They are timeless. They can be casual or dressy, by just accessorizing with a great pair of high heels and a pearl necklace. Just make sure they fit you correctly. They can make or break your look.

Top dress sense tip No 4 – Flaunting your waistline

Nothing stuns as good as a great looking waistline. Tucking your blouse or shirt in will show your waist off to best effect.

Top dress sense tip No 5 – Pull your neck in

Long necks look graceful, but you don’t want to end up looking like a giraffe. If you think your neck looks overlong, wearing tops with high collars will offset it.

Top dress sense tip No 6 – How to look slimmer

If you want o look slimmer, buy black clothes, or clothes with vertical lines.

Top dress sense tip No 7 – Using patterns to best effect

To show off your best features (your waist or your bust) wear something that has a large print pattern to draw the eye to the appropriate body feature. If you want to avoid highlighting a body feature, (say if your hips are too wide or your bust is too small) you can do so by wearing something with a smaller patterned section on the appropriate area.

Top dress sense tip No 8 – Make sure the clothes you wear fit you

Many women are conscious of their weight and in an effort to look slimmer they sometimes wear clothes that are too large. It’s a fallacy. The truth of the matter is that larger clothes just make you look even bigger.

As well as dos, Ms Taylor also has a few don’ts to impart

Don’t No 1: Jogging pants and tee-shirts are meant for jogging. They don’t look cool if you are tryng to impress. Just the opposite.

Don’t No 2: If you are trying to make your body look smaller, avoid wearing horizontal stripes

Don’t No 3: You should only wear a belt if you’ve got a slim waistline

Don’t No 4: Avoid wearing tight fitting blouses that have sleeves on the pockets that run down to your bottom bust line.

Don’t No 5 : Contrary to popular belief, displaying too much naked flesh is not the best way of enhancing the clothes you’re wearing. It actually attracts attention away from the clothes.

Don’t No 6: Make sure your clothes are not make from thick fabric, unless you purposely want to look bulkier.

As Ms Taylor says, regardless of gender you mustn’t ignore how you dress. Why? It’s because you get noticed when you look smart. The more people look at you, the more seriously they’ll treat you.

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