When Will I Find The Right Man?

When Will My Mr. Right Come Along?

I’ve gone on a couple of dates recently. I keep telling myself that this is what I’m supposed to do. I actually have a dating pattern. I go on first and second dates, but by the third date I can usually tell that the relationship isn’t going to work. Strangely enough, I stay in the relationship hoping that it leads to something wonderful. Obviously, nothing good ever happens.

I sometimes tell myself that all of the good guys have stopped dating. Who Knows? I might not know how to pick the right dating partners. I’ve done the online thing, and I’ve met new guys in person too. I’ve even resorted to dating old boyfriends thinking that maybe I missed something the first time. Generally, I realize my mistake and just remain friends with them.

I just don’t understand how the girl down the street can meet so many great guys and I can’t. Some people go on a couple of dates, and they get married within a short time. There are others who date for a long period of time, but they still get married in the end.

What about me? I’ll probably still be writing about my dating problems years from now. I don’t consider myself to be a hopeless case. I do whatever I can to meet new people every day. For some reason, I have problems getting past the third date.

My sister met my brother-in-law while they were in college. They dated for six years before getting married and will celebrate their second anniversary in October. Plenty of people fall in love during their college years, and some are lucky to do so when they’re in high school. But I spent those years doing other things. I was too busy to concentrate on dating. I was the independent woman who trekked to different coffee shops and hung out with guys with guitars who wanted to be rock stars.

I have friends who instantly met Mr. Right. One friend met her Mr. Right when she was just 16 years old. She knew the minute that she saw him that he was the right one. Now, she is a happily married woman with two beautiful daughters.

My grandparents have been happily married for fifty-four years. The other day, my grandmother asked if I was dating anyone special. I told her that I went on a first date recently, but he didn’t interest me enough to go on a second date. She told me that my grandfather wasn’t the first person she’d dated. So, I guess finding the right person takes a while for most people. But all girls like to dream of living happily ever after with Mr. Right.

So, I’ll snap back into the real world and realize that I’m no longer a little girl. But I have to admit that dating and finding the right man is very complicated. How many frogs do I have to date before I find my prince?

A lot of these dating websites claim that they can find dates for you based upon compatibility. Most of them miss the mark and match me with incompatible men. For instance, I’ve been on dates that I thought were absolutely dreadful, but I was asked on second dates. Obviously, everyone has an opinion, and mine is usually different from the guys that I date. The world of dating is weird, and the dating experience is different for everyone.

One time, I thought that I’d found Mr. Right. This wonderful guy and I had a very short romance. I thought that he was the one. We started talking about the future, which was strange since we hadn’t known each long. I thought that my dating days were over, but the relationship ended. This was frustrating because were once so happy together. But that’s life. I won’t forget him, and I learned a lot from that relationship.

Many people consider dating to be a huge game, but it’s a complicated one for me. The trick is not to get frustrated when you’re looking for someone special. For some, it doesn’t take long to find your soul mate. But for others, like myself, it seems like a lifetime before you find the right person. There is someone perfect for me. The problem is that I haven’t found him yet. I’ll keep looking because I know that he’ll be worth the wait.

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