Chick flicks have got a lot of bad press. Sometimes, getting a man to watch one of these movies with you can be like trying to pull teeth. It’s not the highest thing on his agenda. Men like to think that they are masculine. They tend to be into sports, and action movies with plenty of gratuitous sex and violence. Us womenfolk are more into things that allow us to get in touch with our feelings.

It really does highlight the fact that men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

They annoying thing is that chick flick doesn’t have to equate to “sick flick” as far as men are concerned.

The archetypal chick flick is all about centering on romantic themes and getting those tears ducts working. The action content is often non-existent. They encourage the audience to get in touch with their inner feelings and relate to whatever the heroine and her man is going through. To a lot of so-called "he-men," it might just as well be in a foreign language.

However, if you can get your man to engage, there are several chick flick movies that you man may be able to equate with.

Chick flick No 1 - The best man

This movie features Taye Diggs as a cool, sexy, commitment orientated writer. He plays the best man at Morris Chestnut’s nuptials. The guest list brings together boys and girls who were college lovers. It airs many relationship/social issues that we all face on a day-to-day level.

How can guys equate to this? Well, besides that fact that the movie has some the most sexy black men and women in the cast, there is a bachelor scene to titillate, and the script is raunchy, funny, and exciting. If he doesn’t react – he’s dead from wait down.

Chick flick No 2 – What women want

In this movie Mel Gibson plays a high flying advertising exec who is also a footloose and fancy free bachelor. Having had a accident with a hair-drier, he suddenly acquires the ability to read womens minds.

The appeal for most guys is putting themselves in the position of Mel, whereby he can read women’s minds and discover what they are thinking about the men in their lives.

Chick flick No 3 - My best friend’s wedding

This movie stars Julia Roberts. Her character realizes she’s in love with her best friend - a guy. The problem is that he is just about to tie the knot with someone else. The movie is really funny with plenty of surprises along the way.

It shows the male best friend to have great integrity. What man wouldn’t equate to this? Great ego boosting stuff.

Chick flick No 4 – Ghost

Good movies are like fine wine. They get better over the years. This movie just keeps on working its magic. Patrick Swazye is the ghost. He works with Whoopi Goldberg who plays the role of a psychic that Swayze blackmails into working with him to reveal the truth behind his death to girlfriend Demi Moore. It has humor, light violence and great emotion.

From a guy’s point of view, Swayze plays the hero who is bent on uncovering his dastardly one-time best friend, who has designs on Demi. Good testosterone action channeled into real emotion. A tear-jerker with attitude.

Chick flick No 5 – The bridges of Madison County

Clint Eastwood is someone that most men will associate with. In this film, he and Meryl Streep have great chemistry. Eastwood plays a National Geographic photographer. He has a chance meeting with a housewife and they have an affair. It’s a movie that deals with real life issues - issues that we see time and time again throughout life.

The man appeal here comes initially from Eastwood. He is a masculine man. The movie also contains some raunchy love scenes.

Chick flick No 6. My big fat Greek wedding

In this film, the heroine is a Greek girl destined to be a wallflower forever. However, she decides that is not to be her future, so she sets about defying Greek tradition and making a few changes. She totally reinvents her lifestyle.

This is a real Cinderella story. It takes pokes fun at cultural, family and romantic issues in a way that a lot of guys will empathize with.

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