25 Ways to Keep Your Love Alive

As time goes on, couples can easily fall into routines and start to take one another for granted. While the little things you do for your significant other to show them you care are wonderful, sometimes you need to go a little further. You don’t need to spend lots of money on gifts to show them how important they are to you. It’s more about spending quality (rather than quantity) time together. Here are 25 ideas to help you keep things fresh and fun:

1. Get a couples’ massage. Some guys are a little wary of this at first, but once they try it, they’ll be a big fan of massage (and you)!

2. Stay at a romantic B&B near you, especially if you can find a historic property with a lot of charm.

3. Take a class together. Learn some new dance steps, learn to cook a certain cuisine, just make it fun!

4. Take in a local minor league game. The tickets are cheap and the games are just as much, if not more fun, than the major leagues.

5. Get out of town and stay in a cabin in the country for a weekend.

6. Start a garden together.

7. See a concert or play near you. In the summer, you may even be able to make a picnic of it at an outdoor event

8. Go to a wine tasting or visit a local vineyard. You’ll learn more about wine, experience some new tastes and be able to show off your knowledge at the next dinner party you attend.

9. Work together on a project at home. Paint a room, clean the garage, move some furniture around, just do it together.

10. Leave them a romantic poem and note where you know they’ll find it. If you’re not much of a writer, don’t worry! Just find one you think they’ll like and copy it for them.

11. Write each other love letters. In an age where so much interaction is by email or text message, it just means so much more when someone takes the time to write down how they feel on paper.

12. Cook your significant other’s favorite meal for them.

13. Bring them flowers, just because. Even guys like this, honest!

14. Do something new together. Ever wanted to take a road trip somewhere, learn to ride a horse or try your hand at a new sport? Why not do it together?

15. Go treasure hunting together at antique shops, farmer’s markets and flea markets. You might find something unique or get the perfect ingredients for a fantastic meal.

16. Tell them you love them – as often as you can.

17. Read the same book so you can discuss it together. You may even want to invite other couples and start a book club.

18. Make them breakfast in bed.

19. Travel somewhere by train. Trains are romantic and in the autumn, they’re a great way to take in fall colors.

20. Take on your significant other’s least favorite chore around the house.

21. Dance together at home, even if there’s no music. If you’re also taking a dance class, you can practice your steps together!

22. Celebrate some of your milestones – first date, first trip together, etc.

23. Consider making a scrapbook of mementos from dates and vacations together.

24. Give your partner a backrub after a long day at work.

25. Have a picnic, even if it’s in your own back yard or even your living room.

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