What if the first date didn’t sparkle?

The First Date was Just Okay…Now What?

We all want the first date to be great. The expectation is that you’ll laugh and have loads of fun. You’re also hoping that there’ll be plenty of sexual chemistry. Both of you want the date to lead to a second date.

But what happens if things don’t go well? Unfortunately, this happens; however, don’t let allow one bad date to sour your views about dating altogether.

I’m a dating expert, and I’ve talked to plenty of daters who’ve gone on bad dates. As a result, I’ve seen both sides of numerous dating fiascos. Some daters said there was immediate chemistry. They were happy with their dating partners. Some daters said they’ve had first dates that weren’t magical, but they learned to love the other person on subsequent dates.

What Should You Do About an Okay First Date?

Most dating experts would advise you to let time be the deciding factor. The average person doesn’t fall in love at first sight. As a matter of fact, for most, this only exists in fairytales.

Solid relationships build over time. If it was meant to be, the relationship will grow over time. It takes time to get to know and appreciate another person. This generally requires going on more than one date. Don’t try to rush things.

Know When to Walk Away

It the relationship isn’t meant to be, then don’t try to make it happen. If you know that the relationship isn’t progressing, end it. This is especially if you’ve spent time trying to develop the relationship and things aren’t working. This usually means that the chemistry just isn’t there. Don’t lead your partner on if you know the relationship won’t get any better. As the saying goes, there are plenty of fish in the sea. Just walk away.

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