Dating outside of your usual type

How to Date Outside of Your Usual Type

One of the best things about using the internet is that you can find plenty of online singles. Online dating is a popular way to meet the right person and fall in love. Since there are numerous online daters, it increases your chances of finding and dating many different types of people. This makes it easier to date outside of your usual type.

Before you venture into dating different types of people, think about the people that you’ve dated in the past. Are you dating the right types of people? Should you make changes to your dating pattern? Think about these things, and take the following steps to help you find the right dating partners.

Pinpoint Your Wrong Types

Once again, look at some of the people that you’ve dated in the past. Why did these relationships end? Why weren’t these people your right dating type? List some personality characteristics that you should stay away from when looking for new dating partners. For instance, distance yourself from people who are workaholics, unemployed, controlling or binge drinkers. Also, stay away from people who are already in committed relationships.

Learn from Past Mistakes

What did you do incorrectly in past relationships? How can you avoid this in future relationships? What can you do differently when dating different types of people? Do you wish to be more assertive, sociable, active or more compromising?

List Different Types to Pursue

Now that you know what to stay away from, use this time to focus on different types of personality types. Maybe you should date people that are totally different from what you are accustomed to dating. For example, consider non-drinkers, outdoorsmen, single parents, music lovers or even foodies.


Once you come up with a certain type of person that you’d like to meet, visualize yourself spending time with this person. Fantasize about dating this person. Think about all of the wonderful things that the two of you can do together.

Make Goals

Commit to making a positive change. You’ll probably be tempted to look for the same types of people that you’ve dated in the past. This is what you are comfortable doing. But don’t fall back into that same trap. Commit to finding different people and move forward. Make it your goal to find the right people to date. Nothing is going to change unless you make the change. You deserve to date that special person and fall in love.

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