The Psychology of Availability

Understanding the Impact of Dating Availability

To some people, saying that you’re available means you have too much time on your hands. The perception is that you don’t have anything else interesting to do. You aren’t dating anyone, which makes you seem desperate. This spells social disaster when it comes to the dating world.

Sometimes passion and enthusiasm are not seen as flattering attributes, which is bad because this is what makes people want to interact with you. But on the other hand, understand that it isn’t good to be viewed as selfish, desperate or rude. This comes across as impatience.

Usually when anything is too available, it isn’t considered valuable or special. Sadly, most humans have the ability to take others for granted. The best things aren’t as interesting any longer if these things lose their luster due to familiarity. Unfortunately, people tend to lose interest in partners that they are too familiar with. Over time, they fail to see their great attributes.

The world tends to place importance on imagined attributes and not the real ones. This is because when things become too familiar, the mystery is gone. It’s easier for some to imagine what the other person is like instead of seeing them realistically.

When this takes places, they lose interest in the things that once made them happy. This can apply to jobs, daily routines or even their dating partners. Instead of embracing something and becoming familiar with it, it’s now viewed as boring and unappealing. Assuming that something will continue to provide stimulation comes as a shock. Unless this way of thinking changes, this will always be the unwanted outcome.

A good way to hinder boredom is to make sure that your life is exciting. Look at life differently. Experience new things. This requires constantly evolving so that others are interested in you more. This can be done via music, culture or even art.

When something is more available, it is not desired as much. As a result, it is usually less expensive as well. This applies to various things such as clothes, cars, jewelry, wine, real estate and even relationships. In the dating world, time is greatly measured. Although it is a very valuable resource, it is often mismanaged and underestimated. Therefore, in the social world, it should always be taken very seriously because it is extremely valuable.

The things that most people want in life are often very rare and are not easily accessible. It is best for an item to be rare than oversaturated. This ensures its value. The rarer an item, the more everyone wants to have it.

To remain interesting, there has to be a hint of mystery attached to whatever it may be. If you’re in a relationship, the best way to do this is to continue your personal growth. Enjoy life and do interesting things such as listen to music, take art classes, read great books, write novels, volunteer at a charity, initiate a new hobby or play sports. Not only will this make your life more rewarding, but it will also bring purpose to your life. In addition, this makes you a very interesting person to others.

Although you want to be available for new dating partners, don’t stop doing the interesting things that you’ve grown accustomed to just to accommodate someone else’s schedule. Remember, your time is precious, and you want to remain an interesting person.

When someone new comes into your life, you’ll want to start spending more time with this person in order to get to know them better. However, they might not feel the same way that you do. They may not reciprocate, and you’ll end up feeling bad because there is no longer a straightforward purpose in your life. For example, ditching your friends and family in order to spend time with a new love interest could cause problems with your friends and family. It may be hard to repair these burned bridges.

Also, if you are too available, this may make you seem desperate and unattractive. The best way to avoid this is to continue to do the things that you did before this person came along. Remain interesting and desirable.

This is very important, especially when the relationship first begins. For example, always make others aware that your time is valuable by suggesting meeting times that are convenient for you. Don’t rush to accommodate another person’s time more than your own. If this seems like a problem, consider learning more about time management. This will help you achieve business, personal and social goals.

Plan to manage your time for a full week. This includes managing all aspects of your life. Get into the routine, and you will discover new things on the horizons.

The advertising industry knows how to create demand for products. There must be enough interest and desire. The same thing applies to relationships in order for them to last a long time. Although it takes a while to develop a strong relationship, continue to do interesting things to make it a long lasting one. It will be well worth it in the end.

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