Pre-date confidence boosters

Ways to Boost Your Confidence Before the Big Date

Meeting someone online and going on a first date can be pretty nerve wracking. Because the interaction has been anonymous and behind closed doors, there hasn’t been that much pressure. But now you have to meet this new person face to face.

First impressions are very important, and this is especially true when it comes to meeting someone for the first time. Unfortunately, if you make a bad impression, you won’t get a second date. Thus, do the following to boost your pre-date confidence level.

Prevent Wardrobe Malfunctions

Wear the right clothes. A first date is not a good time to try something new that makes you uncomfortable. The goal is to increase your comfort level. Don’t do anything to compromise it. Choose clothes that not only look good, but they also make you feel good. This will greatly increase your confidence.

Make Sure You’re Well Groomed

Details matter, and this includes grooming. Make sure that your nails, hair, legs, teeth and even stubble are well groomed before going on your date. Take along gum or mints to ensure fresh breath. Besides, you shouldn’t have to worry if your breath smells bad or if something is stuck between your teeth. During the date, concentrate on the other person instead. Don’t allow little grooming details to derail your date.

Prepare a List of Questions

Don’t make things more difficult that it has to be, but do a little planning. What are some general questions that you can ask your date? A lot of people like to talk about themselves. Ask questions that make it easier to get more information about the other person. This could be questions about their career, family, friends or hobbies.

List Your Strengths

Stop being so nervous and focus on your strengths. You are actually a great person to be around. Showcase what makes you a wonderful person. Compile a list of your top five personality traits. Don’t consider this as bragging. Just think about some of the great things that your family and friends say about you. When these traits are presented in a simple manner, this will help your date see you in a positive light.

Enlist the Support of Friends

Talk to your friends if your nerves start to get the best of you. This is the best time to get their support. They can provide advice on how to enjoy your date. Not only will this calm your nerves, but it should also boost your confidence. Good friends know how to get you in the right mental zone for your first date.

Don’t Get Pressured

You’ll meet and date plenty of bad people before you find that special person. Not every date is going to be a perfect one. Plan to have fun and get to know new people. If you don’t like someone, move on to the next date. Remember, it isn’t personal. Eventually you will find that person that makes you feel special, but until then, just go out and have fun.

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