10 Helpful Dating Tips for Men

First impressions on a date are important. This is why you must put your best foot forward on each and every date. Hopefully, the following 10 tips dating tips for men can help you make a great first impression.

1.Be Properly Groomed

Don’t show up on your date looking like a mess. This is one of the worst things that you could ever do, especially if it is a first date. Shave and take a shower before you show up on her doorstep. Keep in mind that women are usually much cleaner than men, and they judge men based upon their personal hygiene. Think about it. Wouldn’t you be totally disgusted if she showed up on your doorstep in a hot and sweaty mess? It doesn’t take too much effort to take a bath, put on deodorant and shave.

Bad breath and body odor are always unacceptable, and they are a turnoff for both sexes. If you show up for a first date and you are not properly groomed, she’ll assume that this is how you are every day. She doesn’t know you. She doesn’t know if you’re having a bad day. Unfortunately, bad grooming just makes you look bad.

2.Don’t be Late

Get there on time. Being late doesn’t send a good impression at all. Remember, she is probably nervous as well. As the actual date time gets closer, she’s probably wondering if you’re going to show up. But once you’re late, she’ll think that you aren’t dependable. Try showing up a few minutes early instead. However, don’t arrive too early either. Arriving five minutes before should be enough to make a first good impression.

3.Bring a Thoughtful Gift

Make her feel special by giving her a thoughtful gift. What should you bring? Think about the conversations and emails that you’ve shared? What does she like? For instance, let’s assume she likes golf. Give her a chocolate golf set, a tiny chocolate club or even a chocolate golf ball. These are all great first date gifts. You could also stick with a traditional gift such as a chocolate rose. It makes a wonderful gift without being inappropriate.

4. Be a Gentleman

Don’t forget to be gentlemanly on the date. Hold open doors and let her walk through them first. Pull out her chair and be polite to the restaurant wait staff. Do everything possible to treat her like a lady and make her feel special.

5. Give Her Compliments

When you first see her, tell her how beautiful she looks. Then ask her about her day. Don’t stop there. Continue giving compliments all through the date, but don’t get creepy with your gesture. About three or four compliments for the night should be enough.

She’ll love the compliments because women like to feel beautiful and special. It lets her know that you are attracted to her. The goal is to give compliments that are warm and genuine. Keep in mind that most women can easily smell a rat. So, keep your compliments as sincere as possible.

6. Remember that It’s Not All About You

Talk to and listen to your date. Ask her plenty of questions about herself. She’ll most likely get the wrong impression if you spend the night talking about yourself. This is your time to get to know one another. Women find men very attractive when they are really interested in what they have to say. Ask her plenty of questions, but make it a point to listen to her answers.

7. Plan Conversation Questions

First dates are always filled with tension. You don’t want the night filled with gaps of silence between conversations. Before the date, make a list of things that you want to know about her. This may seem like a silly thing to do, but nervousness can get the best of anyone. First dates make people nervous. You never know what will happen. So be prepared with a list of things that you can talk about, just in case you get tongue tied during the night.

8. Pay the Bill

If you pay for the date, it’ll make you appear very chivalrous. A lot of women think that chivalry is lacking in today’s dating culture. Use it as a way to make yourself stand out in the crowd. But also keep in mind that a lot of women would prefer the date to be “Dutch.” If she offers to pay for the date, then don’t refuse her offer. However, in order to avoid confusion, let her know beforehand that you plan to pay for the date.

9. The Kiss Goodnight

Some women don’t want to be kissed on the first date, but others want you to kiss them. Should you give her a goodnight kiss? Well, only you can answer this question. Basically, you’ll have to watch her body language and wait for noticeable signs during the date. If you think the date went well, attempt to kiss her. If the night was a complete catastrophe, end the date with a nice hug.

10. I’ll Call You?

If you didn’t enjoy the date, and you have no intention of ever calling her again, do not say that you will. However, if the date went well and you are interested in her, tell her that you will call her. Even if the date was a bad one, you should tell her that you had a nice time and just walk away. There is no need to be rude about what happened. But on the other hand, if you are interested in her, tell her that you would like to see her again. She’ll appreciate the kind gesture, especially if she feels the same way.

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