Common Misconceptions About Women

The old saying ‘ignorance is bliss’ should never apply to the dating game because this type of attitude will surely bring a quick death.

Too often, men do not realize the impact of how their words and actions can kill off a really great relationship. Going as you are, without knowing the rules is dangerous way to play the dating game. You owe it to yourself to be prepared for the obvious, even if it is not clear to you.

Look at some of these common concepts to see if they apply to you. You may begin to see a trend of lost relationships that occur shortly after. Wise up and pay attention to this new knowledge. The end result could be a lasting relationship.

Misunderstood Concepts of Women –

Concept #1 - Men and women think alike. Where men ever came up with this idea is hard to fathom. No one thinks as you do, especially those of the opposite sex. Women have a variety of turn-ons that are specific to them and finding out what these are can save tons of time. Some like a man that is strong and athletic in structure. Others prefer the geeky-kind that will exercise their brain instead of using brawn. If you are not in this female’s category, you don’t stand a chance.

Concept #2 – You must wait an allotted amount of time before calling after that phone number is received from that special meeting. The idea that calling an interested female right away after receiving that phone number is showing aggression and desperation simply is not true. Picking up that phone and calling for a date, within a day, shows her your level of interest in her.

Concept #3 – Females never go after the nice guys. This may be true to a point, but not in the long run. Those bad boys may have served their purpose in younger days, but for that one meaningful relationship, females will select men that wants to add something to her life, not take it away. If you run into a gal that is still chasing ‘forbidden fruit’, she is not ready for a relationship.

Concept #4 – All women are searching for security. If you think that females need you and will follow you to the end of the earth, boy how wrong you are. Today’s women are independent and capable of making it on their own. They do not need your security blanket in order to be happy. They are searching for a mate to share interests, not rescue them.

Concept #5 – The female race is nothing more than a bundle of emotions that can easily be conquered with chocolate. Oh boy, did you take a wrong turn into the 21st century. Pick up any magazine and look at the level-headed women that have made millions by using their brain and capabilities. Do these look like women with a case of PMS?

Concept #6 – All women are psycho. Look at your mother and say that again. Sure, there are always a few bad apples in the basket, but if you are finding all females to be in the category, it is because of you.

Concept #7 - Women are too liberal and controlling. If this is what you think, you have never actually given a woman a chance. Women do need men to round out their life, regardless of how they appear. When you show a woman the real you, you can bet that you will see this emerge in your female companion.

Try changing your perception of women and stop trying to categorize them into one or more of the concepts listed above. You will see a big difference in what you think women are made of.

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