Best Conversation Topics For Dates

When it comes to having conversations with women in the realm of dating, it comes down to two important factors: what you say and how you say it.

A lot of guys just ask what they should talk about with women. You’d assume that you should discuss things that women are interested in, wouldn’t you? If you said yes, you’re half right. It’s just as important (and I would argue more important) to talk about any given subject in the right way. If you can’t conduct conversation in a way that fosters attraction, then what you’re talking about ultimately doesn’t matter, because the women you’re talking to won’t feel attracted to you. How to talk on a date includes things like:

Body language

Eye contact



Directing the conversation

Dealing with common questions and topics

These are just a few of the things that go into the “how” part of talking to women. If you’re finding that your dates are punctuated by a lot of awkward silences, then “how” is probably more important for you to learn than the “what” part of the equation. However, there are a number of topics that most women find appealing and/or interesting – what are they? Think about it. What are topics that women pay to hear about? Dramatic and romantic TV series and movies, soap operas, fashion programs, etc. What do these things all have in common? It’s a few qualities that the majority of women can’t get enough of:

Drama, Conflict, Romance and Fame

The lives, loves and struggles of famous people – things that most of us have at least a little knowledge of and can converse about. A few ideas that might work for conversations are:

1. Play amateur psychologist and analyze a celebrity

Think of a famous person doing something dumb or bizarre and give a shot at analyzing their problems. It shouldn’t be too hard to come up with an example and better still, there are nearly endless opportunities to add humor to the conversation while you unpack the weird lives of the rich and famous!

2. Find an interesting-looking group of people and try to guess what they’re doing.

Find a couple or group around you and talk about what they might be doing. It could be a couple on a first date, a group of co-workers celebrating an accomplishment or anything else – the key is to gently poke fun at these people as you guess what they could be up to. This could range from the routine to the wildly implausible depending on how imaginative you can be. It’s something that a lot of people love, especially women.

3. Make fun of someone famous.

Pick a celebrity and mock them. It’s easy to get material, just pick up any gossipy celebrity magazine or spend a minute on TMZ’s website and you should be good to go. It’s a fun game, it can be incredibly funny and it’s a wonderful icebreaker that can put a stop to those awkward pauses in date night conversations.

4. Talk about other people's love lives.

You definitely shouldn’t talk about your own romantic history on a date, but stories about the love lives of friends are fair game, especially if you make it funny by throwing in absurd theories about the situation (just make sure it’s genuinely funny and off the wall enough that your date will know that you’re joking).

I think you get my general idea. The takeaway is that there are certain topics that most women find endlessly fascinating, so talk about these things! At the same time, you’ll be improving your own game, since you’ll be learning a lot about what women are interested in – at least if you’re bothering to listen to what your date is saying. Once you have the “how” part down, you’ll be able to not only keep the conversation going, but to keep building attraction as you spend time together.

Things that you should steer clear of on a date unless she brings the topics up:

Violent crime, sci-fi, comic books, monster trucks, NASCAR or anything else that might be off-putting to many women. You should also avoid talking down about yourself or anything that makes you sound desperate, needy or insecure. Keep the conversation to things that she’s interested in and you’ll have a much better chance at a next date.

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