Love is a Verb

I used to date a poet. He would write poems for me which would melt most women’s hearts – including mine, at the time. As eloquent as his expressions of love for me were, his behavior didn’t always follow through on his words. A friend of mine has been dating the same guy for a couple of years now; he treats her incredibly well, but he’s never said “I love you” to her.

I’m a writer, so words are important to me, but I know that there are limits to what they can do. I also know that they can be used to deceive. Love is a verb and that’s my message for you today.

We’ve probably all had jobs where we got a verbal pat on the back for our work now and then. As nice as that may be, it’s better to see these compliments followed up with a raise. Or suppose your parents made sure that you had everything you needed growing up, but never told you that they loved you – you’d probably feel unloved, right? I think you see what I’m getting at and here’s a few ways to take your love beyond words into deeds.

Take an Interest in Her Interests

Is she interested in art? Does she volunteer at the local community garden? Whatever she’s into, take an interest, whether through getting involved yourself or just listening to her. I once dated someone who I thought might be a keeper until he was asked what I did for a living and couldn’t remember. Obviously, if you can’t at least try to learn about what she likes to do, she’s not going to stick around for long.


Show her that you’re willing to put her first sometimes. It says a lot about your character, how strongly you feel about her and your maturity level.

Introduce Her to your Friends

She’ll know she’s important to you when you introduce her to your social circle, as long as you don’t introduce her as a “friend.”

Spend a Little More Time with Her and a Little Less with Your Friends

You might be incredibly close to the person you’re dating and she probably wants to spend a lot of quality time with you – show her that you want the same. You don’t need to spend every minute together, but show her what she means to you by spending more time with her than with your friends.

Buy Her Chocolate

For any or no reason.

Call When You Say You Will

Respect her time; you don’t have to spend hours on the phone with her, just make the time and effort to call.

Flatter Her

Let her know that you notice what she’s done, whether it’s a new outfit or anything else, everyone appreciates a well-placed compliment.

Be There for Her in the Hard Times

Women appreciate men who are there for them when things aren’t going so well. Whether it’s a death in the family, an illness or the loss of a job, sticking with her will show her you truly care.

Help Her Out

Help her out around the house, give her some advice on a problem or just be there to listen.

Try to Get Along with Her Mom

It can be hard to get along with your significant other’s parents sometimes and I know mine can be difficult. If a guy tries to build a rapport with her, I’m instantly impressed.

Pamper Her

Do nice things for the woman in your life, simple as that!

Be Open

When you need to tell her how you feel, tell her! There’s a time and a place to be the strong silent type and a time and place to open your heart – there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain by showing her how much you care.

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