What Makes a Man Sexy?

What things do women consider sexy in a man?

Is it the way that he looks? Does he have to have the perfect 6 pack? Is it his pearly white smile? Or is it because he has an extremely lovable personality?

It’ll probably be hard to answer these questions, considering that everyone has their own standard of beauty. Different people will have differing answers for these questions. However, relationship guru, Diane Bishop says that the following things make a man sexy.


All men listen up! There is more to being masculine than possessing a tight butt and 6 pack abs. Your looks are important, but they aren’t everything. There is more to you than your looks. How do you project yourself? Do you possess a certain amount of style, class and authority? Do you know how to speak in a manner that gets the attention of attractive women?

Masculinity doesn’t mean that you have to have perfect physical attributes. It’s the whole package that counts.


For some women, it’s all about your beautiful smile. This is one of the best physical assets you can possess. It makes you appear friendly, charismatic and sexy. A great smile can communicate a message without sending one word. If you have a beautiful smile, there’s most likely a bevy of women hanging around you.

Eye Contact

Eye contact is a sensual form of communication. It is a way to send a message without saying anything. It secretly says what you really mean, and a lot of women need this type of interaction. Holding eye contact with a woman can make her feel very special and cherished. This simple action can have more impact than actually speaking to her.


Women love confident men, and they find it hard to resist them. Exuding confidence doesn’t mean that you must have a fat bank account. Women are attracted to confident men because they feel safe around them.


Women love men who are great communicators. This is especially if you are smart and charming too. If you have all of these things going for you, chances are you won’t stay single for a long time. A confident communicator with a great personality is a rare person to find, but make sure that you are a smooth operator because women can tell when you are not sincere.

Sense of Humor

Women also love men with a great sense of humor. Use it to make them feel special and comfortable. Who doesn’t love a sexy man that is also funny? If you can make her laugh, you can also do it in the bedroom also.

All in all, there are numerous things that make men sexy. No all of them have these qualities. It is up to each woman to define and discover these qualities on her own.

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