How out there doesn’t like to read a cool top ten list? Everyone has a love for original ones. This week, I thought I’d deliver a really special treat: two Top Ten Lists! The list is designed for guys to get a bit of a learning experience. The points on the list are brief -- which is good. Lists that get to the point don’t exactly lead to meaning getting lost. And the lessons learned here could help men do a lot better with women.

Brevity goes hand-in-hand with clarity. Reading the two lists I came up with allows the reader to focus on the words and gain a bit of wisdom -- probably much-needed wisdom -- about the opposite sex.

So, no more delays….

TOP TEN #1: What we never want to hear any men say…

Yeah, the wrong words can slip out at times and prove troubling. These things happen. Seriously men, don’t make these types of slipups a habit. Here are ten phrases you need to keep to a minimum since they’ll get you in the dog house.

1. You are a lot like [insert any old female relative in his life]

2. It is not contagious. I know. I checked with a doctor.

3. You are not going to wear that are you? It's so...[fill in the blank]

4. We should just be friends because I really need my space.

5. Why are you so uptight? I was only meeting her for coffee.

6. It didn't mean anything at all. [Question: So why didn't you tell me?]

7. Is today our anniversary?

8. So who was your first boyfriend [or first anything else]

9. Things are going great as they are now. Why do you want to ruin things by moving in?

10. Your best friend is incredibly hot and attractive.

Ouch. I know guys. I’m sorry. The list probably depressed you a bit because it likely left a mark. I figured it would. I feel bad that you may have lost the love of your life due to saying one of these phrases. I am even sorrier I did not warn you sooner.

I do have something here that might bring a smile to your face. I know in your hearts you guys are all good people. You guys just made some mistakes like all humans. You’ll get things together right and property...I know.

TOP TEN #2: When guys are sexy without even knowing it

I got a major secret for all you men out there. There are times when you are super sexy and don’t even know. You probably aren’t even trying to be sexy at all. We notice these things -- trust us. We take mental notes too. Curious about what we are noticing? Here a top ten list about WHAT SEXY IS:

1. Seeing you act like a little kid again with nieces, nephews, cousins, etc.

2. Waking up and seeing you next to us.

3. When you are in bed, sound asleep, and snoring like a little baby. Or a big baby

4. When you make a nice, full smile and your dimples show.

5. When you mention us to your family and show that you think and care.

6. When you treat us nicely when we are sick such as bringing us a magazine and some chicken soup.

7. When you don’t hold back emotions and cry in front of us or on our shoulder.

8. When we’re walking in the rain or cold weather any you put your jacket around us.

9. When you take time out and talk about our future together.

10. When you remain you -- just be who you are. That’s all we ask.

BONUS: Fixing something around the house is always a major plus. A hammer never looked sexier than when you’re using it for a little home improvement!

BONUS, BONUS: When you get super mad, there is an adorable trait to the emotion.

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