Cuddling with Women

Men and women are totally different in many ways. For years, males and females have debated these differences. As a matter of fact, psychologists and other educators have attempted to pinpoint the differences between men and women.

There are tons of magazines for both women and men. They try to explain what men and women want. However, none of them really know what men and woman want. The answers are all based upon generalities. Some would say that men are not as difficult to understand as women. It is also said that women are much more romantic than men. Women tend to like fantasies and dreams, and men are usually rooted in reality. So, the debate goes on.

Even when it comes to intimacy, women and men are different. Men aren’t as tender after sex, but women like to stroke and cuddle their partners. The average man just wants to roll over and go straight to sleep.

There are different viewpoints when it comes to” sexual afterglow.” Scientific research says that men want to sleep after sex because they have a serotonin rush after they orgasm. This makes them sleepy. However, women are energized after sex due to adrenergic and noradrenergic stimuli. Women also release a hormone called oxytocin, which makes them want to snuggle after sex.

Scientific research also shows that women would prefer cuddling to sex. This is because they like closeness and intimacy. But most men don’t like to cuddle because it is an emotional response, and they don’t want to expose their feelings. Women like to be close and talk when they cuddle, and men feel embarrassed by this.

Even when they are in love, a lot of men have still find it difficult to cuddle. They fear that they might cuddle and do something wrong. But if you are a male reading this article, it shows that maybe you are willing to take a closer look at cuddling?

If this sounds like you, the following are some basic tips on how to cuddle with the woman that you love. It might be hard for you in the very beginning, but understand that she’s going to love it. Take these tips seriously and you’ll learn to cuddle and love it.

- Learn to relax. Holding your love interest in your arms is a wonderful feeling. It doesn’t matter if you are in a car, on the bed or couch. Cuddling is an amazing way to be affectionate with the one that you love.

- Be gentle. Don’t just grab her and expect her to react. Work your way up to the moment. Keep in mind that timing is everything.

- Set the mood. Pick out a great movie or listen to romantic music. This is the best setting for sitting still and wrapping your arms around her. It is the perfect time to pull her close.

- Let her head rest on your shoulder. Nuzzle her neck and enjoy the moment. This is what cuddling is all about.

- Whisper sweet things into her ear. Lean over and smell her hair and whisper into her ear. Take in how beautiful she feels and her wonderful fragrance.

- Kiss her gently while cuddling. Slow gentle kisses will make her heart melt. She craves these little gestures.

- Rub her shoulders and arms. Not only does it feel nice, but it will make her feel secure in your broad arms.

- Open up and express your feelings. Don’t be afraid to show your feelings and sensitivity.

All in all, if you make the effort, you will discover that cuddling is a wonderful feeling to share with someone interesting. Don’t be afraid. You’ll get more comfortable cuddling as the days go by. Enjoy the moments.

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