What Women Hate Most About Single Guys

Good looking, unattached women get easily angry over certain things. It means that a lady could take a shine to you in general, but if you are prone to doing these certain things she doesn’t like, it will quickly demolish chances of any relationship building.

Forewarned is forearmed so here are a few of the things to watch out for:

Constantly surrendering control to a woman is a no-no

If there is one thing that rankles with many women, it is when a man constantly surrenders control and decisions to them. Most women like their men to be confident and positive and surrendering control in this way gives off the wrong vibrations. While women don’t like to be constantly bossed, they do like their men to be in control. Any woman worth her salt will soon tell you if there is something she doesn’t agree with, so there is no danger of overstepping the mark.

Being a wimp

If you are too “wimpish” and cling to a woman like a limpet, she will shy away. Take for example if you’re talking on the phone to a woman you recently met and she says, “I have to go now.” If you reply with something like, “Hmm, err, well - can you please call me when you get back home,” instead of something like, “okay no problem hope to see you soon,” she’ll think you’re a drongo.

Then there’s the guy who’s so insecure that he has to find out from the woman whether she finds him fun and interesting to be with, and he does so by actually asking her. It’s a real no-no. Women can’t abide men who dither and have no confidence.

Always asking the woman to take the lead

The vast majority of single, attractive women have something we refer to as “wuss dar.” It’s basically an inbuilt radar to identify and avoid a wuss. The problem with a man who wants the woman to take a lead is that he simply doesn’t understand that most women don’t want to lead. They would rather be led. So, all you’re asking a woman to do in this particular case is something she doesn’t feel comfortable with doing in the first place. It’s going to make for a very uncomfortable relationship and not one that she’ll tolerate for long.

There’s nothing worse than saying, “I was wondering - I was maybe thinking about - or I wonder if you wouldn’t mind.” It reeks of first-degree wussyness. It’s a not too subtle way of trying to pass the buck and sounds somewhat pathetic. You might as well hang a big night neon sign around your neck saying I’m not really very sure of myself, please can you help me out? It is simply not endearing, and is guarantee to irritate.

Sending out the wrong signals

If a pretty single woman describes a man as being “nice” it’s not something that should be regarded as a complement. Women use the term “nice” to describe a man who is often weak, who constantly seeks reassurance, and who uses gestures and mannerisms to wheedle his way around. It’s unfortunate because a lot of guys fall into trap of being Mr. Nice.

Because guys often want to be thought of as nice and interesting, they tend to overdo things, like listening to a woman talking and making exaggerated gestures and “mmmn” noises to feign interest. Very often a guy simply smiles too much when it is not appropriate to do so. Unfortunately it basically means that the guy isn’t in himself interesting enough, is insecure and is just being super nice to try and make up for it. Be warned, she will see through you.

Failing to understand the man-woman relationship

It is said that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, and if you want to succeed in affairs of the heart you need to become an astronomer. It’s important to understand not only what makes women tick but what makes men tick too. Being able to get in touch with the inner man and know what drives you, is just as important as understanding how women’s minds work.

Women like to be coy. They love playing hard to get. To them “the chase” is something to be treasured. Letting the guy catch them when they want into is often what it’s all about with most attractive single females.

On the other side of the coin men are more competitive and wish to domineer. They enjoy being “top dog” and love taking part in contact sports and basically putting their stamp on things.

The basics about men and women need to be understood and embraced. A lot of men tend to forfeit their masculinity when they are with an attractive young lady that they want to get like them. They forget that women like men being men and not some namby-pamby who pussyfoots around. It means that when you’re with a woman don’t become a girly type man. How will she find you attractive and sexy if that’s the way you come across?

Don’t be boring

Being dull and boring is probably the worst sin there is when it comes to dating an attractive single lady. The problem is that a lot of guys don’t do themselves justice. They don’t think that the lady they’re with wants to be with them for themselves. What then happens is that the guy tends to do and say other things that he hopes she’ll be interested in, an attempt to supplement what they think is their own lack of character and presence. In other words they are deflecting the lady’s attention away from their own personality. How can that ever win? If you’re not going to let her get to know you - forget it!

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what you do in terms of deflecting the woman’s interest. It doesn’t matter how many gifts you by her, how many meals you take her out to, and how many compliments you pay her. They are no substitute for her being interested in the real you.

Not being savvy

Being savvy is important. It’s rather like having street credibility. If women think you’re savvy with the man/woman relationship thing, it’s something they will appreciate and respect. Take it from me as a serial dater that women immediately know when they’re with a savvy guy. It makes for great promise and builds sexual tension. The savvy man will do well with the single attractive woman. The non-savvy man won’t - it’s as simple as that. So the message is - if you got it - flaunt it.

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