What Do Women Really Want?

There’s probably some guy out there right now asking himself “what do women really want from men.” This is a question that is frequently asked by thousands of men.

Men and women are different, and this is why men cannot figure out what they want. The two sexes do not think alike. Experts claim that the differences are genetic, and things aren’t going to change.

However, it is because of these differences that trouble occurs. For example, a man thinks that working longer hours is a way to show his affection. But women think that they are being neglected when this happens. Men tend to be action oriented. They like dangerous sports. Women are stereotyped as wanting to sit and talk during candlelight dinners. These are just a few of the ways that men and women differ.

For example, men think that they are showing affection towards their lover if they just sit on the couch and watch television together. But a woman might think that she’s being ignored if he’s just watching television and not talking to her. This can lead to plenty of hurt feelings in the relationship. If you are a man who still doesn’t know what women want, maybe the following five steps can help:

She Must Be Your Top Priority

You may find it unbelievable, but a woman wants to be number one in your life. She wants to ensure that she’s your top priority and nothing else is as important. You must be willing to choose her over anything else. If she feels that she’s top priority, she won’t give you any trouble if your mother, friend, child or co-worker calls and needs your help.

There has to be a mutual understanding that she comes before everyone else. Thus, tell her that you have other relationships that need different levels of attention from you, and that you will need her understanding and help when it comes to taking care of these relationships. But on the other hand, she will not like it if you have dinner with your Ex, or if you cancel plans with her to play poker with the boys. Understand that the majority of women will always expect to be number one in your life.

Always Keep Your Word

Women hate when men say one thing and do another. Men are expected to keep their word in relationships and in every other part of life. If you make a promise to her, do not break that promise. If you must break a promise, make sure that you have an awesome plan to make things up to her. Basically, don’t make promises to her that you can’t keep. This is the one way to sour the relationship quickly.

Listen to Her

Women want men who listen to them. Yes, you’ve probably heard this over and over again, but this is one of the main things that women want. They like to talk about feelings, routines, relationships, passions, family and friends. Most men hate talking and listening, but this is what you must do to make her happy.

Just because you’ve repaired her car, mowed the lawn, fixed the refrigerator or put a new battery in the smoke alarm, you still have to listen to her. Doing these wonderful things does not get you a free pass to ignore her while watching television. She still needs your undivided attention when she is talking. So, turn off the cell phone, put the television on mute and listen to her. She’ll feel much closer to you if you can give her this respect.

Believe Her

A woman wants her man to believe what she says. Men are more analytical than women and need lots of facts to believe things. They tend to dismiss a lot of the things that women say because women think based upon their feelings. However, if you want to keep her happy, then learn how to think with your heart. Listen to her and believe what she is saying. If she is a smart woman that you can trust, why shouldn’t you believe her?

Do What She Asks

This may be hard for a lot of men to do, but it must be done. Do it if you want to have any type of peace and harmony in your relationship. Now, you don’t want to be a patsy, but it shouldn’t be hard to accommodate her reasonable requests. This is assuming she is a good person, of course. If she is a rational thinker and doesn’t ask you to do impossible or ridiculous things, this should be a no brainer for you.

It shouldn’t be hard to do, especially if she is willing to do the same for you. You can still be a confident man with a backbone and do the things that your woman asks of you. Remember, when you do what she asks, this is another way of showing your affection. This will make her feel special.

In conclusion, if you are having a hard time understanding women, don’t beat yourself up about it. You are probably just like every other man in the world. Most men just don’t understand what women really want. If you learn how the sexes work, it should become easier to communicate with women. Try the aforementioned tips, and watch your love life improve. All in all, if she is happy, it makes you much happier.

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