How to Talk to Women Online

Have you had trouble communicating with women online? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for some suggestions for successful online conversations.

Be open and honest about your intentions. Most people, whether they’re women or men, aren’t interested in the hard to get type. This doesn’t mean that you should come on too strong, but say what you mean in a respectful way – and as you would in real life, listen to your gut when it comes to whether or not something is the right thing to say.

Don’t contact anyone too often, even if they seem interested. Women on dating sites and other online forums get a lot of unwanted attention, so don’t add to their stress level by flooding them with messages. Write fewer, longer messages if possible rather than a lot of short ones. Be considerate and communicate in a way that saves time for the people you’re talking to. You can step up the number of emails or IMs you send if you two genuinely hit it off and want to keep talking.

There have been studies into what women do and don’t like discussing online. Knowing what these topics are can help you to get women’s attention as well as making sure that you don’t come across as a creep.

Women’s Top Ten Favorite Conversation Topics

1. Personal goals

2. Hobbies

3. Music

4. Dreams

5. Romance

6. Friends

7. Travel

8. Vacations

9. Movies

10. Entertainment

Women’s Top Ten Least Favorite Conversation Topics

1. Politics

2. Other dates you’ve been on/people you’ve dated

3. Past relationships

4. Science fiction

5. Religion

6. Celebrities

7. Science

8. Antiques

9. Money

10. History

There are six things you should keep in mind as you talk to women online, which are:

•Let your romantic side show. A lot of men try to steer conversations towards sex or otherwise come on too strong.

•Be polite and respectful. Don’t be pushy and show the women you’re talking to that you understand boundaries and have a basic grasp of social graces.

•Be yourself. Don’t try to be someone you’re not – the more you talk, the harder it’ll be to maintain the illusion and she’ll find out the truth sooner or later anyway!

•Have fun. Forget about working towards an agenda. Instead, just let things proceed naturally, take your time and enjoy getting to know her – she’ll appreciate it.

•Be intelligent. A lot of people (especially men) seem to forget spelling and grammar online, which makes you look either uneducated or like you don’t care enough to check your messages before you send them.

•Be upbeat. Don’t play games with women, or even give the impression that you are. Throw away all of those pick-up artist tips and just be honest, genuine and positive; these are qualities that most women find attractive.


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