Guide to Dating Women

Dating Tips on How to Figure Out Females

Most men are looking for a guide that tells them how to figure out women. They want some type of playbook that they can read whenever they don’t understand them. Now, the following dating tips are helpful, but they won’t make you an instant woman whisperer.

These tips can make the dating process much easier, and make sure that you have an open mind when using them. Although there may be a few generalities, these are not stereotypical tips. Keep in mind that no two women are alike and that all rules have exceptions.

Fortunately, there are plenty of women who are passionate about football. On the other hand, different women love plenty of different things. Even though football tickets to the game may be acceptable, she may also like going to the opera or watching chick flicks on the sofa. So, understand that women are complex. They also have both masculine and feminine likes.

Treat Her Like a Woman

The first thing that you should remember is that women like to be women. This means that they like chivalry. A lot of women are offended when you don’t open up doors for them or pull out their chair. Yes, they may offer to pay for the date, but this doesn’t mean that you should ignore their femininity.
But on the other hand, don’t assume that women are the weaker sex. For example, some women can repair a car better than you can. If you find one that does, don’t act surprised. This might insult her intelligence. Also, don’t feel like you have to beat up every guy that insults her. Depending on the woman, she can probably take care of herself in this area.

Don’t Stereotype Her

When it comes to dating women, do not treat them like they are women. What? Yeah, the first tip says you should treat women like women. Confusing right? Well, this means that you shouldn’t stereotype all women. Find out what makes each woman tick. What are her likes and dislikes?

Besides, having this type of knowledge makes it easier to plan dates. Some women like hockey, and others would prefer tennis. Also, don’t assume that all women love roses. Some like daisies or carnations. There are even those who hate all flower gifts. Some women love desserts, while others are constantly dieting. Basically, find out what your particular date likes. Don’t treat her like a number. Don’t assume that she likes something just because your previous dates liked it.

Treat Her with Respect

Always treat everyone with respect. When you go to a restaurant give respect to the restaurant valet, waiter and counter help. If you cannot be respectful of others, this is a huge turnoff for many women. This includes tipping the staff. Women love men who are big tippers.

Women also love it when you compliment them. If wears a beautiful dress, give her a compliment. But make sure that the compliment is sincere and not overblown. A little comment will make her feel beautiful and attractive, and women like this.

Learn How to Read Her Body Language

A huge part of dating involves reading body language. Learn her body language, and become cognizant of your body language. Read her cues and understand that she is also reading your body language. If she crosses her legs, doesn’t look you in the eye or turns her body away from you, these are all negative body movements. Maybe she is uncomfortable or doesn’t like you.

Learning how to read body language is very important, but don’t ignore verbal language. Remember, that “no” means “no.” Some men still think that understanding body language is more important, but this is not the case. The bottom line is if she says no, she means no. Do not force her to do anything that she doesn’t want to do.

In conclusion, when it comes to women, you should always treat them with respect. Every woman is a unique individual who deserves to be loved and respected. If you are interested in a particular woman, learn what interests her. When she speaks, listen to her and let her know that you are interested in what she has to say. If your interest is genuine, it will show. Follow these few tips and your dating life will improve for the better.

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