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hot pants :- I have someone that Iam quite happy to talk to at the moment. If nothing becomes of it I will resubmit my prifile . Thank you It has been an eye opener in regards to the amount of people looking for partners this way. Happy hunting everyone Regards, Hot Pants.

lily of the valley : Hello to all the matchfinder staff, I am very grateful to your dating website that I have finally found the man of my dreams (DRUM SGT) who is a Scorpio and my compatible star sign. It took me nearly a year to finally find what I was looking for and the " WAIT " really paid off. I know that it is a bit in the early stage yet, but I know deep down and my strong intuition is telling me that this man (Drum Sgt) is the one for me. I would highly recommend your website to my single friends. GOOD LUCK TO ALL.


siuol : I have found a man I wish to cultivate a long term relationship with, from your site. Many thanks for all your help in finding him. siuol

whisky 1 : thank you! me & winterwarmgirl have hit it off thanks again she seems to be all for me & me for her we can only try but, your site has been good to me robby last year even though she & l did not work out it was a year we will both remember as special & we are still great mates winterwarmgirl seems even better good luck to us l guess...frank

kitkat66 : As i have met someone i no longer need to be on here, thank you for all the people i have met. Regards Karen

rg : Hi folks, I refer to a previous email of a few weeks ago where I asked to be removed as I had met someone through your site, we have been together now for over 14 weeks and were recently engaged and are getting married in New York in Nov 2008

donnybrasco: Thanks you for the site I have found the girl of my dreams

veronica86 : i have successfully met someone from here! Thankyou for making this happen!!

stan d : I have met a lovley lady who lives 4ks from me and at this stage every thing is just terrific.Thank you for all your help in the past..............Stan

Brianp : Many thanks to you,I have met a lovely lady through Matchfinder. Regards, Brian P

lovin life : thank you matchfinder i have found my perfect partner thanks to your site. I am happy to say if it was not for matchfinder we may have never found each other. Thank you again

aaron125 : Thank you so much your site helped me in meeting someone and she is perfect. If not for your site i would not of met this person and found my true love. Thank you so much

dp: I have found someone pretty special thanks to your site so i would like my profile to be removed please

Friendlychicken : Thankyou for making your site avaible for me to find my parnter. Recently i have got involed with someone and would like to see where it goes... Thankyou Jo

Laurajean : Hello Well, I gave it all another chance and so did he! We have now met up and everything is going swimmingly so far! Thank you, you site was well worth joining even if it took my daughter to convince me and join me up

anonymity_85 : Good news! Im no longer single- and I found him on matchfinder!
Thanks heaps. Keep up the good work

startin_over5 : have found love so wish to remove my profile from this service he was also a member on this site so thanks you very much

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