Success Stories 2

ckj: Please remove my profile from this site as I have met the man I wish to spend the rest of my life with. Thankyou.

diannsur: Dear Karen,
I would like you to close my profile, due to I have already found MR.RIGHT,
we are going to get married soon.
Thanks very much for your attention.
Best regard, Diannsur.....Dianna Surjadi
Message sent Sun 26 November 2006 10.34 am

patrick_: I want to thank you at matchfinder for having such a great service. Well it has happened, I have found the lady of my dreams, True love

dovesoaring: to whom this may concern I would just like to say thank for having this sight, because of this sight I have found my true love.The internet is a big thing out there and there are many dateing sight and i had tried another and never worked for me just got lots of abuse.
The man I have met is the most beautiful thing that could happen in my life, and he really is my soul mate.Thank you once again .Elvira
Sat 21 October 2006 8.48 am

gatto_supastar: i have met my dream match on here thankyou

oddie2: I have met a lovely lady through your assistance and I therefore do not wish to remain a client.

lulu fly: i have met someone from matchfinder and we are happy!!!!!!

pussycat34: thankyou for your service,i will no longer need it as i have found someone thx again

hipchick: I have started seeing someone of this site so not interested in meeting anyone else!

dreambutterfly: Thank you for all your help in finding a partner. I have found someone now and hope it will be a long time thing.

paris80: found what i have been looking for thank you very much for this site

madein1963: I have really enjoyed being on this site and thankyou for the use of it.
I have met someone and would like to give it some time to see how things work out and if not i will be back.

browny_73: Hi, I have met someone on this site, thankyou so much for having a great web site, and I am so happy now that I have met this person, best $60 I have ever spent!!! Thanks again, but I dont want my profile on here anymore!

sahara-rose: Please remove my profile, met great wondrful guy making plan with thank you for your help

badpussycat: Have meet someone, and would like my profile to be removed!!! THANK YOU so much for all of your help! Kind regards, Jeni :-)
The site was great! Both my flatmate and myself joined up together (she is still a member with you) and we have had a lot of fun and have also met a lot of interesting people and made some new friends! All is going VERY well for my new partner and myself! I am VERY HAPPY thank you, and I will certainly keep you posted with any future exciting news! And should anything go wrong (worse case senario, fingers crossed that it doesn't) I wouldn't hesitate to come back and visit you all again! But no offence, I hope that doesn't happen he he he xxx Thanks once again!!! Kindest regards, Jeni :-)

cola: found love, better not make him uncomfortable with all the men from matchfinder contacting me, as I really like him.

raewyn: I will say thankyou very much, as I have found a nice genltleman from your programme. Thankyou

spiritguy34: I have found a wonderful woman through your site. thank you very much

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