Success Stories 29

kamaguy : Hi Found what I was looking for !! Thanks

littleone : found someone already

sheppie : I have found someone

angie59 : I have met someone on another site thanks

thorg: found someone
yes I verify you can remove my profile when ever as i have met someone serious off your site, she is bloody awsome :)

outdoors guy : found someone

the 1 : I met someone.

roxanne101 : I have found someone from the site and am very happy

ros1e : Have found someone and no longer wish to use your site. Thanks

whiteangel10 : I have found my match here. It is a very interesting site and i would like to thank for that.

lynnfrances : I have met someone

justjude : Yes I would like to have my profile removed from matchfinder please.. I have met a lovely guy and I want to give him my full attention.. Many thanks Jude..

windie : i find some one

hanaria : found the guy

cerridwin : Found someone nice! Thanks! :D

king kong : i have found a perfect match. thank you and God Bless your service

lizhrh : Hi
Thanks matchfinder for the opportunity to connect, I have met someone off-line and would really like to give this friendship a go......thanks again for your wonderful and excellent customer care.....


parks3 : Met a great woman on Matchfinder. We are planning to live together.

sandyfeet64 : Found someone

sweetgal79 : i am now in a relationship

abyss1 : I have found a gay lover. thank u

abcd : Have found someone :)

loveisblind : find someone already

cathmar : please remove my profile, I am not single anymore!! cathmar

flo jo : please remove my profile permanatly from your site. I have found my perfect match. Thank you

realfun : Found my match, thanks

rosequartz : i have found a partner thanks for everything

girlupnth : Could you please remove my profile from this site as I have now found someone.

deez : found some one

lovemimi: I have found someone so I no longer use this site. Thanks.

stingray123: it has been good but am now committed

looka: i have found a friend

concerto: Thanks I have met someone lovely!

tuscan rose: I have found a partner for life thankyou.

moo1234 : hey found someone from this site please remove my profile

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