Success Stories 8

philips : can you assist me please... I have met a great girl from this site and i thank you very much for making the arrangement, however there is a slight issue. Nathalie has been checking up on me


drama_queen1984 : i have met someone from this site and i would like my profile removed asap thanks.

chris_c : thankyou for everything in the past, just wanted to let you know i have met someone through this site and we are planning to get married in the future we are 4 hours apart at the moment, and without this site we would never had met in a million years. the children and i plan to move to her location in december.......thanks yours sincerely: Christopher.

nyoohli : Please remove my profile from your site, I have found my soul mate and became engeaged a couple of weeks ago.

Hi there, My name is Sharon and I met my partner Graham through your web site 16 months ago. On December 2nd, we are getting married and I would like to say a huge thankyou to you all and your site. It was THE BEST $30.00 I have ever spent. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou, you have two people and 7 children, not to mention his dog very happy . Take Care Sharon

Zirconia : *******STOP PRESS as they say! ******* Have found a wonderful lady who exceeds ALL my expectations. Thanks very much for your interest but I am happy now and do not need any further contacts. This one is all I can handle !!!!! I can tell you though these sites do actually work, you just need to be very honest.

ms happy : Hi, Thank you for the opportuniy of using this medium, which is an honest and straightforward introduction site. Within a week I have met a very compatible and lovely man and I would like to come off the site now. However, if our friendship does not develop am I able to return to Matchfinder

mark!!!! :- Hi guys you have a great web site I have only been with you a short period and within 4 days I have found my perfect mate. happy for life.
Thanks for that
Regards Mark

yellowroses : Thank you for letting me use your site. I have found a loving partner and am very happy.
I wish that everybody could find someone for themselves.
Good luck.

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