Success Stories 15

purrrfect : Thank you Karen. I know it didn't take long (3 weeks) to find someone (I'm nearly 48yrs old and have never met someone in my whole adult life as genuine as the guy I have met through your site). I would deffinately let you know how things progress. I have recommended your site to a very good friend of mine who will (in his own time) join.

I have found your site to be very safe to use and good value for money (money well spent). I have emailed, and spoke with a couple of other guys from the site as well. One in particular I email daily and we have a great time chatting. Although we will never become involved romantically, your site has established a very good friendship with him.

Once again thanks for a neat website

Tudor : Thankyou for allowing me to find someone. I have found a very nice man and am very appreciative for being able to do so. Hopefully I will never need to find another ever again.

spano_86 : Found a partner here, and very happy. On our 3rd week and already fallen in love with each other!!! Thanx heaps!!!

det_benson : Have found my soul mate thank you very much :-) Hi, Got bunch of roses and a expensive necklace on second date. Might move in with him in the near future. Kind regards Jackie

zubv8 : Hi, thanks very much to matchfinder, I have found a great partner in Jackie from this site (det benson). We had our first date last night and agreed that both of us are off the market. Once again thanks alot

Lovelyliz : hi Just thought I would let you know it is still going great. Its been 8 months and we have been living together for 6 months. We have both never been happier and I couldnt thank you enough. Thanks again

Willbarr : thanks guys for everything but i have found a partner and am very happy that i have found someone who is so honest ,truthful, ect so i will not be needing your service and thanks guys

redrose48 : Dear Sir/Madam
I have met someone from this site its a real success story his nickname is bowman we met and fell inlove straight away and I am moving up to Emerald to be with him and we are very happy and excited about the future. Thankyou so much

redrose48 :Dear Sir/Madam
He is the greatest guy Ive ver met in my whole entire life and we do have such a future ahead of us its so exciting yes we have already talked about marriage would you like a invite and are we the first couple to meet and get married on your site.Reguards Rosie Silk.

Cleanergirl : well, it was by luck that i found someone sending a flirt my way, we started chatting on here, then turned to email until we both said we had too meet, one date turned into another and we fell in love.This site was meant for me who had no social life and worked nearly 19 hours a day.. 21 century dating styles

Minstral : Dear Site Managers Apologies for not doing this earlier but I would like to have my profile removed from the site. I have met a partner through this & am grateful for the service you have given.Cheers Kieran

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