Success Stories 26

footychick0208: I found love and would like my profile removed please

bagins101: Found someone :)


surfagirl: remove profile permantley i have met someone.

perma suit: found someone

deb68: Could you please remove my profile as i have met someone. Thankyou

bomber: I have found "the one"

alwaysamy88: i am now in a relationship

troy4662: found someone > thankyou anyway

wski89: found someone

tex richters: I have found a partner thank you

jo8715: I am in a relationship now and would like to remove my profile

iwantgoodthings: hello, i requested my profile be removed from this site as i have found someone and i am very happy. thank you, Darren

cool hand luke: hi, would like like to have my profile removed from your site as i have started a relationship, thankyou for all your help.

no stress: could you plz remove my profile as i have found some1

nook: please remove me from this sight as im now in a relationship thankyou

kamerona: Found someone - thanks

omelete: Dear Match Finder,
I have meet a wonderful man through your website. We have been dating for the past month, we even live on the same street. We feel so blessed to have met each other and know this is going to work long term. Thank you the service you provided by creating the opportunity to meet each other.

its time: I have recently met someone and would like to continue to see how things work out. Thank you ,its a great way to meet people.

eleganceandroses: I have met someone

maeroa: Thanks for the great site, i have found someone, carl.

busyfella: Ive met a wonderful lady!

suz: Can you please remove me now. I have found a man!

danny007: found a girl friend

julz1956: Thank you for letting me be part of matchfinder but i have found a new partner

rabbit39: i wish to be removed as i have found someone thankyou

helix_troy: found some 1

milf2010: Please remove my profile as Ive found someone now. Thank you

april46: found someone

ben45701: Thank you so much, I have met someone on your site, and it looks great. I have high hopes for the future.

Ned59 : Please also cancel my subscription. I have found someone from your site.
Many thanks.

herbi2: Thanks to you all I have found someone. Could you please remove me from your profike and cancel my subscription Thanks.

john parks: thank you I have met someone please remove me from the matchfinder site

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