Success Stories 21

Outdoorsman: The site put me intouch with some nice people, but ironically, I met my lady face to face and totally out of the blue. Keep up the good work, and I have already recommended a friend to your site...

chastity: Hi
Without your site I would not have met the man I am with.
His identity on your site is not sure really.
I was a mother of five children. He has accepted me and my children.
I went on and off matchfinder with no photo attached to my profile, I thought negatively about myself and never thought I could love again or feel loved by somebody. I took a chance on Matchfinder and flirted, it was the best chance I have ever taken.
Thank you

iamshy: The site worked well, it appeared to have my 'type' of person, looking for serious relationships and not just casual sex. I've been in a happy and meaqningful relationship for two and a half months now and things are going very well. Will keep you informed.

Bevnz: Please remove my profile as I am currently in a relationship with a really nice guy I met off your site. In fact we have just become engaged!
I have you to thank for this - a bit thanks!!

cudle me: i have found my partner and thankyou please i would like it all removed thankyou

Libby: Please remove my profile because I am no longer needing it. I have met someone
through the site and he is great.

Allan Boyd: thank you for your service. I have met a wonderful woman through matchfinder and I now no longer require your service could you please remove me.thank you

love2dance: thankyou for hosting my profile on your website but I wish to withdraw my profile thanks.. much appreciated

kameron: Meet someone, great site though, thank you

calmandeasygoing: Matchfinder Administration
Thank you and all the staff at, for your kind and cheery words of my success, which I personally feel could never have eventuated if it wasn't for such a perfectly opperated site, run by very experienced and dedicated people. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you all for helping to make possible, what would, without you, would most likely be impossible.

christobels: Have enjoyed your site immensely, and the good news is that I have met someone so no longer need to be on the site.
Thanks for a great website. christobels

kindgent: Thank you for a very practical site. Thank you for a well put together site, which is is secure and not hard to use.
I would like to have my profile removed as, with your help, I no longer require to have it on site.

Matchfinder Success Stories

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