Success Stories 30

checkymich: i have found someone and would like to remove my profile please

low_maintenance34: Hi Please Remove me, as i have met someone. Thank you

ms_teaser: I have found someone

junior71: i have a partner now, thankyou

shanetc: Have found someone

collie21: have found a partner thankyou

shellesbells: I have meet someone and want to cancel my profile

waynetp: thank you for allowing me to use your I have found some one could you please remove my profile

cool as: i would i like to remove my profile i have found someone thank you

maddiee: I have found someone on here thankyou so please remove my profile from this site.

joss10: I have found my match thank you

brettm09: found someone

happyhunk: thanks but found someone

dntworeebhapee: met someone

tassie11: thank you for your online service. I am now happily married thanks to this site and others like this one.

leigh3: have found someone

blade 01: please remove me from this siteas I have found a partner

rose401969: found somebody

anjela :hi can you please remove me as im in a relationship from someone i have meet off here thanks heaps

cheyne_27: Have found some one thanks.

seymourpete: Please remove my profile as I have found someone.Thanks.

movnon: I have met the most amazing lady on this site and no longer have the need to be part of your great service.
I hope many others will take advantage of this site and find what they are looking for.
Thanks so much!

webleys1: I have found someone many thanks

peaches and cream: I have found my match thru matchfinder - thank you very much.

chino: Yes I would like my profile removed, and will not be renewing my membership. I have meet someone through Matchfinder, and we are currently enjoying getting to know eachother.

janet99: i have found someone i really love . please remove my profile the site .thank you very much

marlinmeg: Carmen, This is to verify that I wish to have my profile removed.
Thank you for your great service, I have met some lovely people on your site, and made good friends. Alison

queenie14: Please remove me from the site as I have a new partner in my life.

sweetlady2: please take me off the list for i have found someone and dont which to continue with it, sweetlady 2

mercedes1: I have found my match

ruhere63: found someone

suze25: Thanks I have found someone

viper0: I would like to remove this profile as I am in a relationship.

gnosis7: Dear Deb, Yes I do wish to have my profile removed I have so fortunatly met my future partener An extremely rare find. My sincere gratitude.

firery: Please cancell my membership as I have found someone special. Thank you and kind regards, Dan

colin 1: i have found someone

racytracy: I have found some one thank you

douchdis1: please remove my profile from this website as i have found my and one soul mate. thanks

asgard: have found someone

clark1971: I would like to remove my profile from as of today, as I have meet someone already. Thanks

sexcpn: i found my soulmate thnx

sheneka: i have found someone please cancel my profile, thankyou

susie 3: Please remove my profile from your site as i have found someone. Thank you Susie 3

movnon: I have met a lady on this site and things are so good! I will have no further need for the site thanks. It has been worth waiting for!!! Regards, Tony

imme: please remove my profile as I have found a great guys thanks

doug41: please remove my profile as i have found the lady of my dreams

u4me4us: I have met someone

lokin4luv: Please remove my profile from this website, as I have now think I have found the one for me. Thanks

mmk666: Thank you but I have found a partner

bellae: Please remove my name from your site. As I have found someone.

nessa77: I have found a partner. Please cancel my profile Thanks

bratsdad: found someone

kristine: thank you --i have a new friend ---looking promising.

glen_b: please can you remove my profile, i have met someone, thank you.

mazza445: Found someone

m2keen: Have found someone here!!

nice_boy1234: Found someone, thanx

trueman0: found a partner

paola2: i have found someone so i want take awy my page profile from this site,thank you

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