Success Stories 9

tasgirl1 : I became a member not thinking that i would meet anyone at all. Then i got a flirt from one of your members. i replyed to the flirt with a message in which he promptly replyed to with his contact details. I messaged him by his phone no and we didnt stop messaging. we then met and things and have progressed from there. he is everything i was looking for. I beleive he became a member to meet me as he was only registered a day or two. it is like it was meant to be. we are now seeing each other everyday and it is fantastic. so thankyou once again matchfinder. your site is wonderful and has some really nice people who join who are sincere and honest. i will keep in touch about how our relationship is progressing

Cheers and thankyou

steepinsanebeliever : incase u are interested a guy from this site now has my heart..... and better than that he wants to keep it..... for all those that are unsure if this is silly and coud never work.... have faith .....

wocket1 : yes thank you id like my profile removed as ive found her.thank you all so much,I joined 4 dateing sites and you guys pulled it off for me.after the first day of joining;One blind date no photos and weve hit the jackpot,it was her first date also,thank you.youve changed our world, from CHRIS

sooty1 : Just in case you are interested this was a first for me going on line to meet someone and I had accidently registered on your site so got the suprise of my life to receive a contact email from you. It turns out that this contact has provided me with what could turn out to be a great match.
Val (sooty 1)

baggyshagarags : Hi and good morning, I have found a lady from your site, and I wish to cultivate this relationship. Many thanks for you help.

pedro459 : I have found someone that I am prepared to settle down with. Thank you for your help,the person I found was one of your members and we are very happy together.

ozyphil : I have meet somone with your help and thank you heaps
All my best to your great site

frgl : I have found the man of my dreams through your site & I can not thankyou enough. thankyou thankyou

misschief : Thank you for your awesome site. I have met a very nice partner through Matchfinder. We are about to move in together :-) Kind Regards, Marita Purchase

anabel : I am engaged to be married. Yours sincerely, Lilias

splinter: Hi there,
Well I have met someone at long last through your site, still early days yet, but just wondering if you could remove my profile out of respect for the new lady, thank you to your organisation and hopefully in the future we may be able to add success story to your testmonials


newcastle lady : I have been dating a lovely man that I met from your site and we have now decided to be exclusive. I want to thank you for an enjoyable and safe way of meeting people

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