Success Stories 24

little black duck: I have met somebody through this site and want to give it a chance

robsp: I have found someone great thanks to you all .

aru4me: I have meet someone on your site and no longer require a profile
Thank you Jennifer

gaia: Found the love of my life! Please cancel my subscription. Thanks.

handle with care: can you please remove my profile as i have found someone! thank you very much

dragonflynz: I have met someone on your site (very nice man!!!) and I would like to remove my profile.

green girl: thank you so much for your help l have meet someone

bigheart: I would very much like to remove my profile from your site, I have found myself parter for life, thank you again every thing . regards TH watts

chance77: Yes please I wish to have my profile removed, I have meet through your site a very nice gentleman, whom I would never have meet with out the help of this site.
Yours Faithfully, Betty.

mumilicious: Please remove my profile from match finder as I have found someone very special. Thank you for your help.

be11bird: I would like my profile removed, as I have found someone. Thanks

tonci : I have found someone and wish to have my profile removed from the site.
Thank you and best regards,

stocky: thanks for your help ;i have found a lady thats why im removing and closing matchminder cheers stocky

mellzy: I am in a relationship now and no longer wish to continue

poosie_69: Have found someone that is special to me and would like for you to please remove my profile from the site as soon as possible thank you

agent001: Thank u match finder as i have found someone and would like now to cancel my subcrribtion and renewal
thank u for your support and matchfinder team, again thank u VERY MUCH

spellfire: I no longer need this service as i have now found my special man

itsalgood: hello i would like to have my profile removed please as i have no need to be on here no more i have found myself a partner and would like this page cancelld

free spirit 99 lives : Hi there, I have found someone through your site and we are very happy,thank you. Please now remove my profile from your site. Thanks very much and keep up the good work.

jamjay: Please remove my profile from your site as I am now seeing a person

smileyblonde: Thanks for everything. Have met a nice guy. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

singleandfree: Please remove my profile as i am in a relationship and will not be needing your services thanks and happy new year to all the support staf

xxxanimalxxx: I hav had fun but now i with some 1 and i wud like 2 take myself of yur web sit thank u so much.x

Matchfinder Success Stories

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