Success Stories 32

lachymcc: hey i found a partner, thanks for the awesome website. can you please take my profile down now?

two2tango: I have found a suitable person, Thank you.

sako80: I am in a relationship so could you please remove my profile

goodguy123: Hi please remove my profile I found a partner already.

deanally: have foun a wonderful man

smile101: ive got a gf now thanks

lukeachu: I have a girlfriend now, many thanks

troydog: Found someone

tatsmrhrnylildevil2u: i wish to no longer use this site as i have met someone now

johhannze : I have a partner

cant_touch_this : No longer need this service. In a relationship. Thanks

oshikai : have found someone ty

SUN OF MORNING : I had meet someone and no more interest in this site. Thanks, Lara B

npg1 : HI, thanks but I now have a partner.

hussy007 : please remove my profile have meet some one cheers Gayle

crump : i have found someone.... n want 2 pursue futher with them

cindy2009 : Now in a relationship please remove my profile

claay : good but found some1

betterdaysahead4u: Could you please remove my profile/picture from your Dating site Please. I have finally found someone special

tumba kid : Found partner thank you

sagittarian : Hi
Please removed my profile from the site for good.
I have found my match as of today and we are seeing and dating
Many thanks for the help
Please email me once its done

leroy06610 : have found some one

stevv : i have found someone

kamren : possibly have meet someone, Thank You

parkanride : found someone

matty02 : can my profile be removed as im not single anymore.

rooster46 : Found someone

chocoina : Please remove me from this side. I have found my dream partner. Thanks

kpomare : i have now met someone and are no longer looking thank you

congeniality1 : Thanks I am with someone

grae : Enjoyed site, have now found a companion

viggy_viggy : I do really appreciate for your service, but I have found someone and I don't need it any more. So please you delete my profile every of my information. Thank you very much in advance.

charmluck : I have met a lovely person the love of my life

rangitata : Hello, Thank you for the wonderful opportunities, I met some very nice men on line and in person. I have a new relationship with a man not through match finder but it did build my confidence. Kindest regards, Te Makao.
Please remove my profile from the site.

sophie77 : I have met someone special. Please remove my profile from your site.
Thanking you.

scoburn : found love

crab49 : Gday match finder
Can you please remove my profile from the site.
I have meet a fantastic woman on here and we are currently seeing each other. Best money I have ever spent was here.
Its great to actually be able to break the ice and get an understanding of someone before you meet them.
Thankyou for your help.
All the best.

grace67 : I have found someone

sunnycoastboy : Hi Team, I would like to be removed from your site as I have found someone thankyou..

the1 : I have met someone, so I would like to be removed from the site.
Thank you

friendly 101 : i have found someone

lionss : hi, i am currently in a relationship so please remove my profile thanks.

dave6064 : hi can you please remove my profile from this site i have already found somebody, thankyou

westie10 : met a partner

bimka3 : Found love

bjs : please remove me as have found that special girl thanks

ghetto22** : Please remove me asap. I am in a relationship now. Thanks

aaliyah : Hi there,
I am happily hooked up and would like to remove my profile,
how do i do this please?

greekbaby : i find what i ben looking for

dodgeat4 : i have meet someone willnot need your site thank you

viba1 : I have met someone and need to remove myself. Thanks

bichon : can you please remove my profile from your site as i have found my true love in life ,, thanks again

clare87 : have met someone and getting married thanks

sharn21 : am now in a relationship

bloss_70 : i am in a relationship and would like to be removed from this site thanku

rus : please cancal my subsciption í have found a partner and am very happy .... thank you for all your help in my time of need. sincerly Russell B..

kath10 : I have met someone as a suitable partner on another site but appreciate the support that Matchfinder has given me in my search.

With sincere thanks.
Kathrine W.

grego : got a girl now

eco love : Hi.!
Please Remove my Profile. I have found someone from here. We are now dating and spending time on weekends.
Great Site. I recommend to anyone looking for someone that are genuine on their pursuit of companionship or partnership and happiness...
Lastly; id like to leave with these word of wisdom from Budda...
"to have a happy mind, we choose; change is to be happy in life"...
Best Wishes,
Eco Love

chris redden : hi found someone would like to be removed from the site thanks

rose : I am now in a permanent relationship and wish to remove all details from the site.

renew : Please remove my profile and do not take any money from my ccredit card I have started a relationship

sking : I found the love of my life on your site and can only say a big Thank You. It has been an easy site to navigate and I wish all others looking for love good luck and keep trying.

alikhannz : I have found someone. Thanks

tom1189 : Please remove my profile from matchfinder and cancel my subscription as I have found someone
Thank you for your services

shirleyweldon : I want to unsubribe from this dating service as I have found someone .
thankyou shirley weldon

daiana : Please remove my profile from your site, as I have found someone that I was looking for, thank you for your help, sincerely ,
Janice N.

musicfan2 : I now have a partner, so please remove my profile from this site. thanks Mike

tigger12 : found someone thanks

bluelady27 : i am very happy with my life now, having a loving and caring partner. thank you for your site

funchange : i am now seeing someone so please fully remove me from you site.

mack 1973 : i have found someone special so i thank you and your if it doesnt work out i will be in contact.

dreammaker58 : please remove my profile as I have found someone thankyou

simmoktm : Have found somebody

explode64 : Found someone

peaceful1 : Please remove my profile as I am now in a relationship. Thanks

miella : Hi there
I would like you to remove my profile from the website ASAP as I have found myself a new partner and no longer need the assistance of your web site. Thanking you.

beaujangles : Thank you so much matchfinder I found the love of my life!

missy red : met someone IRL

baron1 : Happily married now!

cheeky63 : Hi,Please remove my profile on site for good.
I have found my partner and we are seeing each other regularly and we are happy
KInd regards
Jesille B.

caro 34 : I have met someone

rodney vill : i have met someone and am happy thankyou

siberialost70 : I have found a partener and therefore no longer require a profile on your site.

jillzzz : thank you, i have found someone special

ggdiva : Hi, have met someone so please take my profile off thanks

fivemagics : find some1

keza123 : ive found some one pleaese remove me from this site thanku

dave63 : Please remove my profile from the site. I have at last found true love here. Her profile name is Indigofemme(Kim). I do not want correspondence from another woman for obvious reasons.
Thanks for your help

vanrich : I have a partner and so I feel that has no need to serve me anymore. I would like to take this opportunity to say that your site offers a wonderful opportunity to bring single people seeking love, romance or friendship. It was a pleasure to have been a member on this site. Keep up the good work.

whatsay : found someone

potts1000 : ive found the one no longer need this cheers

susieg13 : have met someone

stavros1986 : i am now in a relationship and no longer need this service

redfox : Well I met someone and wouldnt be needing this anymore

twoshoes : I have met a nice lady and would like to focus on a relationship with her

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