Success Stories 37

liv22: have met someone thanks

terence: Thank you for letting me be part of your dateing site , i have met a great lady by being part of Matchfinder so i will like you to remove my prfile asap .
It has been a very good way to meet people and work out for me .
Best regards .....Terence

anne22: i would like to remove my profile and delete it indefinately. i have no intentions of going on here- i have found myself someone special and no longer need this site- thank you very much!

may28: I have found someone and I would liked to say thank you to Matchfinder.

willy25: have found someone now,thanks.

sallyann: Please remove my profile completely from your system. I have now met someone who may become part of life in the future and I do not at this stage wish to hear from anyone else. Thank you. - Susan

up4funareyou: Found someone

jk1063: I have a partner and no longer want to be on this site

karen197929: I Have found my own soul mate thanks it was off another site but it does happen for some people 1 way or another

bradz: i have met a girl

luvmedo: please remove my profile as I have married

oneten: Would you kindly remove my profile please as I have met someone and am no longer interested in advertising here.

Many thanks


james_44: hi there please deactivate my account, as i have found someone, thanks . i will no longer use this site

mona Antoinette: Thank you I have found someone really nice :)

eliza333: I have met someone and in a relationship thanks

zipmagic: could you please take me off the site as i have found alovely lady

basil: I have found someone. thank you

blackorchid: hi, could you please remove my profile as I have meet someonem thanks roslyn

josh fisher: thank you for the service and easy to use website however i am now in a relationship and would like my profile removed...... cheers.....

twowords: Thank you for this service but I no longer require it. I have found a perfectly wonderful lady and we are planning our future together.

crazicat: im in a realationship now thanx

andy1072: I have found someone!-Yay! Thanks guys :)

funrach_70: Sorry met someone now. thanks

mustang57: i have found a new partner thanks

cbear: I have found my ideal partner and no longer need this site. Thankyou

leyanne: Thank you for this service but I no longer require it as I have found a wonderful man and we have already begun to embark on our future together.

chloe60: please delete my profile as i have already met some one thankyou jill w.

dave36: found some one and very attacted thanks please remove my profile from site for good thanks

kevin25: Found som one

openhearted: have meet some one and would like to be removed from the site thanks

susyme: I have met someone so please delete my profile thank you

lush78: thanx found someone

homaitepata: Could you please remove my profile from this site as I have found someone.


Hamish P.

cleverboy26: i am found what i was looking for

andy 75: as i found someone

bajan: have someone in my life

doddlebug: please remove my profile as i am now happily married.. thanks

bellab: Please permanently remove. I am now attached, thank you.

searchingfyou: I have met a wonderful lady and I am in love.

newstart298: Happy to say no longer need your site - cheers

marie29: take my profile down because i have found someone

renata: Due to a commited relationship I no longer have further use for your website how ever i will recommend this website to all my single friends and family. I give many thanks for all your help.

waitaragirl: take me off iv meet sum one

mash78: Hi, i found the girlfriend of my dreams and would like to delete my profile.


mari52: I have found a partner and do not want any one else contacting me. Thankyou

natmagick: Have met someone.

escape26: good servise, have a girlfrend now so dont need your service anymore, thank you.

pleasant pheasant: please remove my profile from your website. I have met the most gorgeous man. many thanks

unregd: Ive found someone

genuine79: have met someone

pritika: pls im married knw,remove my profile from this site and dont email me anythng else.

robdog: as i will be getting married at the end of the year i no longer need this service thank you rob s.

sportyone: hi i have found some one can you please delete me from your site please.
kind regards

suzii: i have found a partner

wigs39: I have found a lovely gentleman on your site and we feel it could be a long term relationship Thank-you

tuiflea: please remove me thanks hav found my match


mysteriousjac: I have found someone and no longer need to be on this site

meriana: I would like to Remove my profile from this site because i have found my partner and wish to no longer use this site

good2know: Many thanks I Have found someone

missmish: please remove me as i have found a partner. thank u

italia: Found the one, thanks

englishrose042: thanks, i think I may have found the guy for me so please remove my profile :0

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