Success Stories 22

cam71: Do you want a testimonial as I found the of my life here and we just had our first son on 15/09/2009.. Without you(this site) it would not of happened!!

janiceegtberts151: Thank you I found some that was on your site he is just what I am looking for again Thank you

westy 58: yes i have meet a gorgeous lady and no longer require this service thanx

bluesky8: Hi, I have found someone. Please remove my profile & delete me from your email list .Thanks Barry

streety: please remove as have met someone and was from this site thank you

angie hot butted: remove profile from site as i found a man on! his user name is streety. thanks matchfinder!

fresh start: Hi could you please URGENTLY have my profile removed off this site as i have now found the man of my life and all going verywell. Many thanks.

outdoordude: please tale me off this site i now have a steady girlfriend, thanks

trooper58: Please remove me from your site I have just got married and no longer require matchinder, Regards Greg

tambo1991: i have found someone

channy1980: Have met the love of my life from using this site (lol) and we have been seeing each other since June this year. I requested to have my profile removed but I still get mail and messages and stuff, so could you please remove my full profile? Thanks for everything :D

raupiudave: thank you i have met someone and no longer wish to use this site

babygirl004: I have found a new partner thankyou throu useing your site thankyou

up4fun89: i have found a lovly guy i have fallen pregnant i do not need this site anymore

bron74: I have found a partner, thank you for this chance to meet someone

dburns: Please remove my profile from your website. I have found someone, Thank you for your past help

sengej: Thank you but I have now met someone and wish to be removed from Matchfinder.

possum honeydew2008: I wish to be removed from this site as i have found my match. thankyou.

goodlooker101: Can you please remove me from here as I have met someone, thank you, Janine Cakebread

single dad: cos i have found love and dont need this sit anymore


johnny5: Have found my partner so no longer need to be on a dating site. Thanks anyway for the use of this site.

alfy2: I have met someone through your site so would like you to remove me thanks heaps

lbat40: Could you please remove my profile from your site as i have found partner and do not require your services ant more. Thank you.

jillian dv: I found my partner through match finder

sian: Could you please remove my profile from the sight as i have met a nice lady and dont want to be seen as available anymore.
thank you for all your help

kahlua: Thanks but would like my profile removed from the site I have met someone from here and would just like to say thanks

94evolution: cancel my subscription as well please i have found what i was looking for and i thankyou very much

jwrgem: I am in a perfect relationship so no longer need a profile

grayman316: can you please remove my profile from this site thank you as i have fallen in love with a lady thank you

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