Success Stories 5

warmandfriendly: Thank you very much for your service. Thanks to you I am in a relationship now and we arte trying to make it a long term one

wasup: The service was great but i have met someone and don't need it anymore.

shine: Thanks, I have had a lot of fun and met some 'interesting' people over the time that I have been a member. But I have now met someone special and no longer want my profile listed.

johnny 5: i have met someone on this site and were happy, i dont need this any more, people keep writing to me

coulditbeyou: Thank you for a great site but i have met somebody & wish to have my profile removed. Thanks again

lady marian: thank u. i have now found a partner and would like my profile removed. great website very organised and easy to get around.

happy_girl74: have found this site great but i have now met a male who i have become fond of and no longer require this site . Thanks

rexy06: Hi, want to let you no i've meet a lovely lady thanks to you,her username is want2chat. we get on great. will keep you posted on our future plans. thanks Dave.

elisa anne: thanks matchfinder, i have found a wonderful man on your site,and we are doing great, he has swept me of my feet. thanks to you i have the man of my dreams. elisa

renacence man: Am now in a relationship through this program, many thanks

zach: Somehow I have found a nice person and started developing a relationship. Thank you for your site and time. Regards, Zeka.

waterlilly: thanks for everything but now i am getting married , i have found mr right . all the best to you all

bellagirl: thank you for this oppurtunity to meet new people but now i do not need your service as i have meet someone

sean: To whom it may concern, Could you please remove my membership from matchfinder. I have found someone and no longer require membership.. Thankyou for your service. Warm Regards Sean Tume

bluey66: Have met someone but thankyou for your assistance in find that someone special

shelly7: I have found a wonderful man that i have fallen in love with. Thanks....

bellagirl: Thank you for this oppurtunity but have just started seeing someone. If it doesn't work out ill join once again. Thanks

ozbelle: thank you for your site, through your site I was able to meet a wonderful man who is making me very happy. I no longer wish to be listed.

*caz*: have met a partner thru here and am not looking for any one at the moment

outlaw 59: thanks for access to your great site, l could not beleive my luck in the most wonderful incounter l have ever had with a woman, username (valley views) after a few phone calls and after l got back from one of my trips in the truck 5 days in all we mett and have not been apart since. l highly recomend this site to anybody & all who choose to use it. many many thanks (outlaw 59)

adell: thank you i have met a really nice man from your site. over the moon.!! regards lesley

sel: Thank you, I have found a lady through your agency and am very happy. I do not wish to receive any more emails etc at this stage. Many thanks.

coolhipdad: i have now started a relationship and no longer need to be active on the internet. thank you for your website Cheers

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