Success Stories 38

mag: I am in a relationship now. So could you please remove my profile.
Thank you

nikki_may: please remove my profile as i have found someone,
thank u

thiskiwigirl: am in a relationship now

bdmarine: Thank you very much. I have met a special lady through your site and now want to concentrate on or future. kind Regards bdmarine

rightprice: I have found someone

livinglife22: found someone

docisin: I have found someone. Please remove my profile promptly. Thank you.

pippa 2: I have met someone and do not wish to continue. Thank you very much.

dutchcuban - hi there,
Please remove my photo and details profile from the site! I met some one and would like to see how it develop.
thank you!

robertena: I have found a man thank you.

sipho09: hi, thanks to your site iv found the most amazing girl :) please could you take my profile down :P

dayno89: Met Someone amazing :-)

sailboat: I have meet someone so no longer require a profile on this site. Please remove, thanks.

lidz00: just found smeone.

cookie1964: i have found someone thanks

jingnacion: i would like to delete match finder i have found a husband

boss82: i have found my longer need this site

ud_bmw: I meet some one

trishy68: Please remove my account as i have found someone i am going to marry.

zero3424: i have found a girlfriend

jessie holt: Hi there, have met someone amazing.
Would be lovely if my profile could be removed. thanks!

lm47: please remove my profile - i have found someone.
thank-you :)

libby89: have started a serious relationship would like my account deleted please thankyou

chris7: Thanks for helping me get in touch with someone. We seem to be getting on well so its now time to remove myself from matchfinder.

tony grillo: please remove my profile i have found somebody thank you

ptz653: Thankyou guys you have been great. have meet a lady, thanks again.
Regards Pete.

danniboy87: Thank you have found a partner.

kylep234: Hey can you please delete my profile of this site thanks i have found someone that im with for a life time.

snowtiger: I found someone

impulse: Hi, please could you remove my profile as I have met someone and do not want to be contacted by others. Thank you for this. Kind Regards

niania: please remove my profile.. I have found someone and no longer want to use this site for now. I enjoyed using this site. thank you

twiggy5556: i have fand someone

krissygirl: I no longer wish to be on site as i have found someone. thankyou so much

nahs: i have found someone no longer require this site thank you

latino guy: i have now found a partner n am very happy...thank u so much all your support and help during this time,,,..i wish you guys all the very best...cherers mannie

hamo: please remove my page i have found some one thanks

blue sky: Hi,
I have found a partner, please remove my profile

marundo: hi could you please remove my profile from your site. i have found someone. thanks for the help.

login246: in a relationship now

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