Success Stories 31

eviec64: Hello Matchfinder,
Could you please remove my profile from your site. I have met a new partner and would like this removed as soon as possible.
Thankyou very much

tismelyn49: I have found someone, can you remove my profile please.

nicolene: please remove my profile i have found someone....

moomemoo: Please remove my profile from the site as I have met someone. Thanks

dolly48: thankyou matchfinder, i now have a new partner.

gypsy21: due to finding someone i would like to have my profile removed completely from this site. Thank you and kind regards Michelle

steveford: Found someone no longer require your services, thank you for you help. I may be back at a latter date.

nepe: found someone

golly_gosh: i have found someone thnks

steph_88: I have found someone, thank you for your services.

jet30: Found someone

nepe: found someone

martyy: I have found someone so no longer need your services

badez: found someone

ladyloveslife: found someone

talia5150: Please remove my profile from this site as i have found a partner

*lol**: Could you please remove my profile as i have finally found my match.. thank you

ntbrizguy :Please remove my profile as I am now in a relationship

blondie258: Im in a relationship

sammry: Please remove my profile from site as I am in a relationship now. Thank you

lee123450: i found my girl friend. Please remove my profile

lee1: found some 1

philbee: have found someone thank you

oak01: please remove my profile I am now in a realtionship

lidz0000: Ive just found someone so dont need this anymore.

kombi: found someone

blueyedbob: i have found my love of my life and woul;d like to remove my profile

kameron: May have meet someone so am taking a break to see how it works out.
Thank you for the use of your site and have told many people about what a good site it is.
Thanks again

majorcreative: I am in love!

unsure11: found someone

snowwhite00: found my man

robonofski: I have found someone

nevergiveup: Just to advise you that i have now met a lady and no longer require your services, thankyou. Colin.

h22: i have met some one and no longer need this site

roanna_21: found sum1 already

taylor_made: I would like my profile removed from this site, i have found the love of my life.

ellis: found someone

faned2: I would like to have my profile removed. I have found my solemate

savannah: Please remove me from this site as I am in a relationship now. thank you

dazza1512: found someone

destinymc: found some1

luv2pleez: Found someone

gracie15: sPlease remove my profile from the site. I have found a partner in real life.

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