Success Stories 39

warmheartedbear: I have found someone and no-longer need this site to look for anyone

1bigandy: Hi there, please remove my profile from this site as I have met someone. Cheers, Andy

waldofudd: met someone

bellablue: Please remove profile from site. I have found a partner

lisa2012: Have found a date. Would like to cancel account.

atoptool: found an awesome woman. thanks

pheonixhills: I am now in a relationship. Please delete my profile. Thank you

jojo2204: I am now in a relationship & no longer wish to have myself on yur website.

jayjays: have found someone

mel 1983: please remove my profile as I am now seeing someone

foxy lady: Found some one thanks

suze: I have met someone

hakawel: i find one, thank you

beanie115: found a lady

me 4 u: Please unsubscribe from this service.
I am in a stable relationship and do not wish my partner to see such emails.

gumble: I have found someone :)

mandy1950: Please remove my profile and photo as I have now found someone

imlookingfor: I have found some one please remove my profile

trevwc: I have met someone. Thank you.

jeremy58: Thankyou for your service. I have found a partner on Matchfinder and we will see what happens. Please remove my profile

elizbethjane1: I have met a lovely partner so no longer need your sites services - thanks though.

jack2432: have found someone thank you

shygirl19579: I have found my Mr. Right.

sophisticat: Dear Matchfinder
Could you please delete my profile as I have found someone! (Am having difficulty in deleting this myself).
Kind regards

kiamaia11: Hav a partner

mhelay: i already found the one for me..

orange sweet: i have faund my match

leo27: I have met a lovely man and so do not need to be on this site anymore

djsensei: can you please remove my profile, i have already found someone, thus do not need to keep looking

brenish7: have found someone

silverfox 222: thank you, have found a mate

pete the great: found my partner

scifineils: I have found someone.

surfer4u: Please remove me from this site as I have found a partner and no longer need this site

halez: hi can u pls remove my proflie becoues i have a boyfriend now thanks halez

chchdave: hi i would like to remove my profile as i have now found someone

whistlethroughlife: Please remove my profile as i have met someone and thankyou for the site it was great.

monpinky34: please could you remove my profile as i am now in a relationship thank you

nicechange: Have found someone so please remove my profile

mazzyg67: i have found someone special and no longer need this site. thankyou

leo81: Please remove my profile as I am now in a relationship.

pear: i-have-meet-someone-please-remove-profile

scuba_pete: Thanls for everything i have found someone and like you to stop sending me any mail or profiles thansk Peter

broometime: I have a partner thanks

white lily: I am now in a full time relationship and no longer wish to be on your web site. Thanks

washdup: I have made a contact and we wish to persue our common feelings for one another.

takingachance61 : I have met someone

wal 200: i had find my right woman for me...

thelink: thank you but i would like to be removed as i found someone

timstep79: Found someone

rayz: Hi
I would like to let you know I have met a most wonderful and loving lady on this site. We have hit it off and everything is great.
This proves that this site does work and I am gratefull that I have had the oppertuntiy of meeting the lady of my dreams and hope others will have as much luck as I

frankie78: I am now in a relationship so wish to be removed from this web site. Thanks

kiwirob: Thank you, I think I have found the one person for me, so will remove myself from matchfinder

kiwirob additional message: The site worked, as my new partner loved the photo of myself, and after a meeting over coffee, found out that we have the same close friends.
And now after a week of running around like teenagers, it is all good
And are going out to meet up with our friends as we have known each other for alot longer.

ann72: have met some one want profile removed

kiyoshi: Hi Please remove my profile as I have already foubd a partner. thanks

wendylee: Found someone!

juzzihawk: Found a partner

triumphboy: Hi, please remove my profile thank you as I hopefully have found someone special. Thanks for the help.

kiwifella: found someone

ruth55: Hi matchfinder
Thank you for your service. I am going out with a nice gent now and I would like you to remove my profile from your site.
Thank you Ruth55

modell: i have met someone

carol1962: Fouind my perfect match

carol1962 additional: Yes thanks so much I'm now dating kiwirob we found each other on your site ta very much for the good wishes for our future.

lillypad: please take me off asap please. I have a BF now. Thanks

foxy1964: have met someone please remove my profile

trina: Please remove my profile from this site. I have found a partner, thanks for the help.

sikas: Please remove me from this site I have found a match

kaykay: Hi Match finder, Could I please be removed from the site, profile, photo etc.
Thanx, I have now found my match. A thousand thanks for your input.
Kind regards, Kim Keogh

lonelyboyblue: thanking you , I have met s omeone

letsee111: I have got somoneone.

justcurious1: have met someone special.thanks

newbee3 : Ive found someone so please remove my profile

tallguy2004: found my match

nerissa: i have found someone and would like to be removed thankyou

polly0688: Thanks for your service, Ive met someone and its full steam ahead :-)

69mustang: heya, I have found a nice guy...please remove me from your site :-)

kass123: I have found somebody.

mass888: i meeting some one allredy . thank you

summer_breeze: met someone,

greendemio: i have found a partner

kimmydoor: please discontinue my membership, also canncel the direct debit details from your files.
i have met someone on the site and we are now engaged,which is wonderful.
please respond to my request asap.
k spencer

jay2000: i found some and no longer have to look anymore. thanks

donny10: Found a partner.
Thanks for help!!

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